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In my ever-expanding quest to learn HTML very, very slowly, I have now successfully learned how to add images manually to a blog entry.  I can edit text a bit: italicizing, emboldening, underlining, striking, enlarging, ensmallening shrinking.  I know how to bury a link.  I know how to add a line break.  I used to know how to do bullet points (that has come up exactly once).  And now I can directly add images to a blog post, and even edit the sizes, so I no longer have to upload the image somewhere and copy and paste the image’s html formatting.

After the usual bracket start, you add:

img src=”

Then you put in the image’s url, then you add another ” mark.  Then the picture is probably too big, so right after the closing ” mark you put a space and then width=” and then how wide you want your image (then a closing “), and then height=” and the corresponding proportional height, then a closing “, then a closing bracket.

You can sample my genius here.

Posted September 7, 2011 by agentksilver in Personal

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