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Would you like to see me catch up on three weeks’ worth of blog posts? You would? Okay. Well, not all in one post. But hopefully within the next week. Presumably it’s not going to be high-quality postings, but after catching up, I should be able to focus on quality, not quantity.

Anyway. First things first, making a map in Google Maps. I considered showing you my favorite sandwich shop. Then I asked my boyfriend if that was a good idea. He said, “Why not your sandwich shop?”

I said, “Why not Zoidberg?

This made him laugh. If you type “Zoidberg” into Google Earth you get a toy shop on the Eastern Shore in Maryland. After hmming and hawing I decided to go with showing you where Gunston Hall is.

Gunston Hall is the manor where George Mason (the Lover) and his wife lived. It was also a tobacco plantation. If you look for it on Google Maps, it brings you to a nearby church. Presumably more people are interested in church than in George Mason (the Lover), but that’s a topic for an entirely different blog entry.


(you may need to copy+paste)

You can visit this place! Take 123 south to Route 1, go north 2.5 miles, then turn onto Gunston Road. Then drive. For a really long time.

Tomorrow: Mason Neck, as it was back then.

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