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I don’t know if you can tell — I doubt you can — but I am actually a serious student. I just didn’t do my homework in this class for three weeks. And I am pretty terrible at writing in a serious, academic manner. I swear I am working on that. However, not only am I taking steps to reduce my workload so that I can, like, get my work done, but also, I am not satisfied with the work that I have done. That…that’s what serious academics are, right? Never satisfied?

Anyway, this is the map I attempted to make yesterday:,-77.158731&spn=0.00475,0.010568&t=h&z=17&vpsrc=6&amp

I was not happy with it. At all.

1) It does, indeed, take you to Gunston Hall — but it doesn’t tell you that it’s taken you to Gunston Hall. I want there to be a little thumbtack or icon or something, that you can click on and it tells you that this random building in the middle of nowhere is Gunston Hall, which was built by/for George Mason (the Lover) and sat on a 5500-acre tobacco farm, and that we care because George Mason (the Lover) was key in creating the Bill of Rights.
2) You have to c&p the url. Maybe this is something other people have complained about. I was hoping for an embeddable map. I may take a screen shot, after I get a thumbtack on that map.
3) I put the “&output=kml” at the end of the url, but all that did was make it so that it wanted to open the link in Google Earth. When I had my boyfriend try the link with that language at the end, he couldn’t open it, because he doesn’t have Google Earth on my computer. So hmm.

Going back to grab it through “My Places” gets me exactly what I want.


See? I took a screencapture as proof.

Not sure how I’ll figure this out. Next time, folks!

Posted October 27, 2011 by agentksilver in Digital IT

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