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First of all, before I get started, someone has put the entirety of Max Brooks’ Zombie Survival Guide online, in powerpoint form. Not like what we saw in class, with the Gettysburg Address, but the actual book itself. I’m pretty sure that violates copyright big time.

Anyway, I decided to make a powerpoint presentation about the basic tools necessary to survive the zombie apocalypse. I admit this is because I was a zombie for Halloween, so that sort of thing is still on my mind.

I always noticed that students tend to hide behind the podium and click the “next” button on their powerpoints, so when I started having to make presentations, I made an effort to not be behind the podium. I can’t depend on the slides to make the point for me. My language and gestures had to do that instead. The slides instead became where I put my visuals. Whatever point I’m going to make, I put an accompanying picture or clip art, and a few words. This reminds me of what the heck I’m going to say next, and people have to pay attention to me and not my words.


So my first slide is just a picture of four examples of what you can wear in the zombie apocalypse, two bad and two good, two male and two female. Here I would point out each example of what is good and what is bad on each outfit, and why they wouldn’t work well in a survival situation. This would be a good way to introduce the setting and necessities of a zombie apocalypse.


This slide I’m super disappointed in, but it gets the point across. It’s just not pretty. Here I would go into further detail about what should go into a bug-out bag, and what sort of supplies you should keep a look-out for. Also I would mention weapons; they should be melee weapons and capable of more than one task, hence the shovel and the crowbar.


I’m still not sure if this should go first or last. It does cover material from the last two slides (rules 4 and 5 specifically), but it also mentions more general lifestyle rules, which I can jump from and go into more detail on. I would spend the most time on this slide.

If I had to choose, I would make this a four or five slide presentation. I would definitely have been happier splitting slide #2 into two slides. The neat thing is that I can jump between slides if I really wanted to.

Posted November 3, 2011 by agentksilver in Digital IT

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