According to spell check, “uncensor” isn’t a word but “ginormous” is.   Leave a comment

The cool thing about the internet is the hypertext, and the ability to click links within articles. I know that sounds pretty obvious, but still. While the article about Google and Adobe and others getting hacked by China was pretty scary, I found this article, linked to by the scary article, to be really interesting.

Basically, in order to be able to operate in China, Google allowed its search results to be censored there. But after the attacks (from China), Google decided to un-censor itself.

As a ginormous company, Google operates as an independent country, basically. I remember listening to NPR about this earlier this year…I guess in response to the attacks? Or maybe they were also discussing Facebook? Anyway, the government has to deal with large, multi-national corporations just the same as they have to do with other governments.

I wonder if, in 100 years, history students will be learning about the founding of Google in school. And the struggles in China. Well, presumably, they’ll be studying China. But will they learn about Google’s struggle in China? I’d have more of an idea if I listened to NPR more regularly.

Also: there’s, uh, no screensaver tab on my Properties menu? Guys?

So “ginormous” is in the dictionaries. That still doesn’t explain why “uncensor” isn’t. It should be obvious, right? I’m not insane?

Posted November 18, 2011 by agentksilver in Digital IT

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