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I’ve actually made a grand total of three animations. You can view my first video in this entry here. I have two others, Pizza Boy vs. The Mole, which has like an actual plot, and Give Me the News. That one was based on a song I hate, Robert Palmer’s “Bad Case of Loving You”.

The three animations, together, took me about six hours to make. Do you know what else took me about six hours? This animated gif.

gif maker
Gif maker

I made this back in late January, or February 1 at the latest. It was extremely difficult to make the images all look exactly the same, yet moving. Six hours, ten frames, my mouse, and MSPaint (I am not cool enough for photoshop). I even found a way to turn a grid on, and I still had difficulty lining up the face.

Goanimate took all the work away, which was something I was looking for. But it had its own limitations. In the end, I think I lost something, in not having to do the work, in having to force my ideas into pre-built animations..

This (final) video features bad language.

This video, sent to me by a friend, encapsulates a lot of my later frustrations with Goanimate. Yes, you can make things move and say what you want them to say. But they say it with canned, electronic voices, and very, very limited movement. I had to edit my stories, such as they were, very heavily in order to get from the beginning to the middle to the end. They didn’t feel like my characters at all.

I suppose, after all this, I’ll go back to writing and drawing comics.


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