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In 2005, I had undiagnosed depression, which led to me locking myself in my room for days at a time and not eating. As you can imagine, slowly starving yourself to death is a pretty boring way to get through the day, but fortunately for me I rediscovered I had initially “discovered” it way back in 2000, at the ripe old age of 13. Back then, Newgrounds was an 18-over site. It had such games as Pico’s School, where Pico attempts to escape from a Columbine Massacre-esque situation by shooting goth kids, and Nene Interactive Suicide, where you help an angsty girl kill herself using only the objects found in her bedroom. My mother banned us from ever going on the site ever. In 2005, however, I was totally in the mood to help an angsty teenage girl kill herself, so I went to the site and discovered that it had completely changed.

The site’s creator, Tom Fulp, had become overwhelmed by the amount of Flash-animated movies and Flash-animated games that viewers were sending him that he set up a “portal”, which allowed for anyone to submit movies and games. This means that Sturgeon’s Law is in full effect: 90% of anything on the site is crap — well, it’s not very good — but there’s the remaining 10% that is fantastic. The site is apparently where the early internet meme “Numa Numa” premiered.

I haven’t been on the site since 2007 or so, and I was extremely surprised to learn that I could still login. Unfortunately, they aren’t embeddable, so I can only give you links, but here they are, some of my favorite videos in 2005 and 2006.

Paladin 4: A blue-haired Paladin is on an epic quest to kill an evil sorceror who’s blighted the lands. In this episode, he gets a snarky crow sidekick and enters the evil sorceror’s castle (episodes 1-3 are not very good, except for watching the animation improve)
The Little Girl: Emmeline is a three-year-old who was forgotten by absolutely everyone. She wishes upon a star for a real friend.
There She Is!!!: One of the most popular flash animations ever, about a cat who is being pursued by a lovestruck rabbit. It’s a metaphor for the Korean/Japanese conflict, but it’s very silly. The story continues with three sequels; here is episode 2, Cake Dance, where the cat tries to get the rabbit’s birthday cake to her safely.

The site has undergone some further revamps in the five years or so since I’ve last been on the site. I highly recommend that you browse the site, and see what other animations it offers! There are movies and games available, in case you get bored by passive entertainment. I know I’ll be doing that, too, you know, once I finish up with this semester’s work.

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  1. What a post. I never heard of newgrounds, and I didn’t know you spent so much time helping angsty girls kill themselves. I feel learned.

    • I played the game, like, twice, in 2000. Then when I went to Newgrounds I couldn’t find it, but thankfully I found lots of other things to get my mind off of my depression!

  2. Talking about Newgrounds circa 2000 reminded me of the Homestar Runner flash animations an games. Newgrounds has gotten much better since it’s creation, but as long as they still have a top movies and games section it’s easy to avoid the times of crap.

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