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Of Monsters and Viticeps   Leave a comment

I’ve come across two animated music videos in recent days (weeks, months…since class last met) that I thought I’d share with you. The first one was linked through facebook, and is another one of Gotye’s songs (Gotye being the dude who made Somebody That I Used To Know, which will be forever associated with May-June of 2012).

It’s…it’s what? I don’t know what this is even about, but Gotye’s head is rather tactlessly taped onto some legged thing and then traipses across the moon. I don’t get it.

This is Monsters and Men’s Little Talks, which is one of my new favorite songs omg. The video does not disappoint. I forever imagine the protagonists wandering around a haunted house in the middle of the night, taunted by swing-dancing ghosts and skeletons, but this is pretty epic so I forgive them for not going that route.

They both have a Mysterious Adventures of Jasper Morello feel to them. I dig it.

But what am I, an animation critic? No! I am a receptacle of lizard pictures. That is because I own a lizard, a very handsome lizard.

You may be asking yourself: why did you paint your lizard’s tank? To which I say: if you need to ask, you don’t deserve to own a bearded dragon.

But also because of this:

Yes, I’ve also become a receptacle for lizards. In this case, my boyfriend had to move and couldn’t take his lizard with him, so I took him in, and send him pictures of his lizard regularly so I can entice him to come home. Also because I don’t know what else I would do with the pictures. Keep them to myself? Pshaw.

So the tank is painted so that the lizards can’t see each other and try to fight each other all the time. Simple as that.

And also, I am a lizard picture receptacle, and so:

I don’t know what the lizard in the third picture is supposed to be. What do I look like, some kind of lizard expert?

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