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Occasionally in my life I try out a new flash game. At first they were nothing but puzzle games or classic arcade-style games, like Bejeweled or Bubble Spinner 2 (but not the original. Never the original). Then I discovered Tower Defense Games. Desktop Tower Defense is obviously the best, obviously. Then I guess I started hating myself, because then I tried out other games. New games. Crazy games. Games like Killbot, This is Only Level 3, and Pursuit of Hat. Games like Red Remover, Jelly Cannon, and Isoball. You know, difficult games.

My latest form of avoiding suicide is Tiny Mice Love Cheese, which is kind of like Isoball, in that you only get a few direction items to direct the object (mice) towards the goal (the bigger cheese). And it’s pathetic. I normally start faltering around level 12 or 15, but I can’t get past level 6. Level 6.

It’s better than trying to listen to my philosophy teacher explaining what it is, exactly, that a philosopher does (it’s study philosophy better than the other philosophers do).

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  1. I am addicted to Bubble Safari for no good reason at all.

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