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I have sometimes had to write poems for my older sister. But this morning, this poem about my sister just showed up.

Cathrine With a C

You should visit my sister’s website!
It’s cathrinehancher.com
That’s Cathrine Hancher with a C
But that Cathrine has no E
Why would you even have an E?
You don’t even say that E
But it’s still Cathrine with a C
Does that Cathrine Hancher have a K?
No it’s Cathrine with a C
Didn’t you even hear me say
It’s Cathrine Hancher with a C

Obviously this poem is complete, as Cathrine does have an E (you may have noticed), but I can’t think of anything for that verse besides “But Cathrine actually has an E”. I need to justify the existence of that E.

Katie is also on Etsy if you want to check her out there as well.

Here’s a poem I wrote at her request years ago:

Every day is a winding road
Still as a cup a la mode
You wake up so very thirsty
You take it slow ’cause what’s the hurry?
Let’s take it up to a dull roar
You’re going places you’ve never been before
Changing, laughing, here’s a toast
You feel the burn and you quench the most
And just when it looks like you have it all
Life goes down like a waterfall
You’re still as a cup a la mode
Every day is a winding road


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  1. You’re funny and sweet. I remember that poem well.

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