I should just get, like, photoshop.   2 comments

My cousin Alex got married!

Mazel Tov!

Mazel Tov!

I took a ton of pictures, but there is one in particular that I really liked.


It’s a picture of the flowergirl, my cousin Chris’s daughter. I really like the picture. The fact that her back is to the camera, and all the adults are facing her, there’s inherent tension there. Plus your eyes are drawn off-center. I just really like this picture. So I decided to make the good parts of this picture more obvious. I wanted to make the adults blurrier and Anya more distinct. For some reason I thought this wasn’t going to be difficult.

Right now I just have MS Paint on this computer, so I was extremely limited in my options. I have a few extra options in Live Photo Gallery, but they were mostly limited to brightening and darkening photos and making them black and white.


But Microsoft’s image editors are as precise as a pickax. You can see what I did, right? I could Anya out of the picture, converted the image to black and white, then reinserted her into the picture. You can even see where my fingerpad-laden cutting attempts did a less-than-perfect job on cutting her out.

I went online and eventually found PicMonkey. Once again, I was stuck with working with a program that wanted to apply all my changes to the entire picture. At least with PicMonkey, I was able to “mask” their filters on Anya, so that I could make her stand out a bit.


Which is still not what I had in mind, at all, but it’s closer. More like a fireax than a pickax now.



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2 responses to “I should just get, like, photoshop.

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  1. Pretty cool!

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