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So I’m driving in between radio stations with absolutely nothing to do but let my mind wander. It went to a conversation Lacey and I had last week, inspired by watching Belle. I started talking about marriage and courting conventions of the time and how they applied to Belle and her two suitors, Oliver Ashford and John Davinier. This turned into how our situations would look in the 1780s. Here is what our situation would be:

For one thing, I aged everyone down 10 years.

Mr. and Mrs. Hancher of Broad Run have run into financial trouble; because of that, their eldest daughter, Cathrine (affectionately called “Katie” by those who know her), became a governess of a house in Leesburg. Fortunately, she met the tutor of the elder sons of the house, a Keith Hughes, and it became love. Mr. Hancher had some objections to the marriage, as he was thoroughly Irish and not Anglican at all, but his heart was won over by the clear affection between the two and he agreed to the match.

Since the wedding, the two younger Hancher daughters, twins named Virginia and Sharon, have been let out into society. This is not much of a change for Virginia, who has been active in church since she was thirteen years old. She is beautiful, intelligent, and charming, and her parents hope for an excellent match for her. Since her coming out, she has caught the attention of a patent clerk named Brian King. Although not a member of the Broad Run church, his family is known to the the Hanchers. Altogether he would provide a comfortable middle-class life for Virginia. Mr. and Mrs. Hancher have high hopes for the marriage.

The other twin, Sharon, has been sickly since birth. Mr. and Mrs. Hancher would love to see her become a wife, but fear her poor health would prevent it. She is being courted by a baker’s apprentice, James Meyers. This has scandalized the Hanchers, as they wanted to marry their daughter to a man who would be able to provide all the comforts for their frail daughter; not to mention Mr. Meyers’ position as a tradesman. Sharon claims to have great pleasure in his company, and unbeknownst to the Hanchers, the Meyers own land in Carolina and also lay claim to land out West past the mountains. As the sole male heir, Mr. Meyers stands to inherit a lot.

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  1. If this was a PBS show, I would watch it!

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