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I want I want I want (an elephant)   2 comments

Hey guys! I’m back from tumblr. It turns out that, in order to accrue any friends on tumblr, you have to be on it for 6-8 hours per day, every day, even when you would rather do other things. You have to reread the same self-regurgitating logic, every day. It is a horrible place. Do not use tumblr dot com as your social network.

It is time for me to move on and become an adult. To that end, I am moving out of my parent’s house and — whoa nelly — I’m moving out of Northern Virginia altogether and moving five hours South to North Carolina to live with my boyfriend. Holy schnieckmonkeys.

I have also been writing way too much about William Shakespeare on in case, I don’t know, anyway, here is a picture I uploaded:

Why do I have so many elephants? I pulled these out from their resting places in order to pack them in a box, and I was struck by the random elephant motif of that corner. I don’t even know where most of these came from. From left to right:

1) Melinda the Elephant, who was gifted to me by my family the December before I turned 19. I requested the elephant because when I worked for Pawsenclaws (it’s like Build-A-Bear but New Jersey-style), I would attract customers by putting shoes on the elephant and making it walk and dance at the entrance. The legs are such that you just have to put a little bit of weight on the feet and then you can manipulate it to give it a toddler-like walk. I had so much fun walking the elephant that I wanted one of my own.

2-3) After my boyfriend’s father died, we went to visit his mother and take care of her in her time of need. For that entire week, I threw these elephants at my boyfriend’s head. Clearly the best response to a loved one grieving is to throw stuffed elephants at their head. That Christmas, I received these elephants as gifts. Projectiles make great presents! Tell everyone! (tell no one)

4) ?????????

For my next elephant, I would like this one, because I already have the elephant harness. I have the harness, but no elephant. Weird, right?

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