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A thing I used to do on livejournal


Kelsey: And next week, I’ll be in Richmond, helping my Dad move out of his apartment.
Sandy: Are your parents separated?
Kelsey: No…he just lived in Richmond for a while…


Dad: Katt, come over here please.
Mom: What do you need?
Dad: Can you feel my pulse?
Mom: I don’t know how.
Dad: It’s okay. Can you feel my pulse?
Mom: I don’t know how. It would be less than useless. You look okay. Do you feel okay?
Dad: Can you just feel my pulse please?
Mom: No! I thought you wanted me to come over here so you could kiss me, but instead you want me to feel your pulse!
Dad: I wanted to trick you into taking my pulse so I could pull you down and kiss you!
Mom: Then you should have just kissed me!
Dad: Well come back here so I can kiss you!

I stand up and walk out of the room

Dad: Where are you going?
Kelsey: I’m leaving until you’re done with this conversation!
Mom: But…


Kelsey: Man, all this relaxing would be so much nicer if I was resting my head on your shoulder
James: 🙂
James: well, the good news is that we’ll never need to buy paper again
Kelsey: Uhm?
James: among the stuff you brought down, I found 400 sheets of lined paper and half a ream of printer paper
Kelsey: Oh HAHAHAHA. Yes, I went through a serious paper-buying period. It was called Oh My God I’m Starting College What School Supplies Do I Really Need
James: hahaha I remember that

Did you know that James and I have been dating for so long that he’s seen me go through multiple periods of my life?

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