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Last night I put almost all of my books into boxes. It was originally going to be just one or two of the smaller boxes. You know, keep them in a small box, so that they’re not so heavy to carry.

But then I tried putting it in a small box and I hadn’t even filled it halfway when I thought I should see how heavy this is. I tried to lift it, and I couldn’t. Too many books. So I took some books out and tested the box again; still to heavy. A third time, and it shifted a little but still wouldn’t move up. I emptied it so that it was only a quarter full of books, and now I could lift it.

I ended up having to distribute 128 books across six boxes of various sizes. I took 21 books out of my collection entirely. I still have two sitting by my pillow to keep me company until Sunday. I had 151 books on that shelf altogether.

This was all from my biggest bookshelf, but oh my goodness, you guys. With all of my other books, we were able to fill up this entire bookshelf of mine. I probably own around 200 books altogether. And James sent me an update from the apartment, where he has successfully merged our books together.

bookshelf full of books

half of those books are mine

Maybe…maybe I do have a problem.


So the only community theater that I’ve been able to find is are two fairly large theater companies, both based in a huge complex about half an hour from where I’m going to live. One of those is straight-up professional, and the other, well, here’s what the Raleigh Little Theatre says:

There are over 500 people who volunteer some of their time at RLT…As you can imagine, activities at RLT revolve around the shows we do. The theatre puts on 11 productions every season (July-June), so its just about one per month. And each production runs for 2-3 weeks. So as you can see, as one show closes, the next one is just about to start…here are some of the tasks volunteers do at the theatre. The theatre maintains a series of volunteer handbooks which describe some of the volunteer roles…

There is also a list of multiple people you can contact, depending on what you want to do. And there’s a separate mailing list entirely for volunteers. Yes, there’s stuff about how you’re “giving back” to the community and how you can donate your time based on how much you can give, but…

But maybe I’m just spoiled by all the options I’ve had up here in DC (outside of New York, DC is the most theatre-friendly city in the country). This doesn’t feel like community theatre. It feels like…like not-community theatre. Wow, am I glad I didn’t try to pursue a career in creative writing. I don’t feel like I would be contributing to an overall cause. I don’t feel like my presence will impact their ability to put the show on. Even in Sterling Playmakers, which is getting pretty big now, I still felt I was contributing. Even if all I was doing was putting a box onstage and then taking it off, well, I still had a feeling of “thank goodness I’m here to carry this box”. But with Raleigh Little Theatre, I’m getting a vibe of “we’ll let you carry this box since you’re here already.”

Maybe I’m pre-judging them. And I do need to build up theatre contacts if I ever want to do as my Britches and Hose suggest and start my own Britches and Hose 2.0 down there. But I’m just…I’m worried about my theatre options down in Raleigh.


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