The Cheese Stands Alone   2 comments

Once upon a time there was a girl named Brianna.


Brianna was always frightened, for there was something terrifying that lived in her area. But it wasn’t the giant cats that frightened her.

giant cats

They just wanted a hug. Nor was it the woodland creatures that frightened her.

woodland creatures

They just wanted to sniff her hair and exchange compliments. No, it was the zombies that frightened Brianna.


They wanted to eat her brains like a scoop of ice cream!


They wanted to feast on her flesh!


They’ve found you, Brianna! Run! Run for your life! They have more endurance, but you have the strength of will! Run! RUN!


But it was no use.


No matter where Brianna went, the zombies found her.


The woodland creatures could not save her. The giant cats would not save her. Brianna was ready to give herself over to the zombies. Perhaps in death she could find rest.


But there is always hope.

the bomb

A bomb! Yes! A bomb would kill the zombies forever, and Brianna would be free! She could frolic again with the woodland creatures, she could–

an unhappy ending

The moral of this story is that what kills one person kills everyone too. There is no hope. You can’t depend on anyone. Accept death’s coming, for it will find you too.

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2 responses to “The Cheese Stands Alone

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  1. But the giant cats were kind of scary, too. I wonder if the bomb killed them, too. Well, of course it did!

  2. I support your effort at procrastination. But return to packing you must.

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