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Visiting North Carolina Central University   Leave a comment

Yesterday I visited North Carolina Central University. This was the college that my Petsmart manager had recommended. I wasn’t really sure what to expect.

North Carolina Central University

While NC State had had the feeling of being a small town inside of a larger town, NCCU felt like a community college. The set-ups were similar — a collection of buildings surrounding actual public roads, with lots of bricks — NCCU just felt small. It felt like walking around the Annandale campus of Northern Virginia Community College. The athletic areas felt like the athletic areas of Loras College — small and overblown in importance.

I had actually scheduled a tour, so I went into the Admissions building to wait for the tour to begin. It was supposed to begin at 2:00. By 2:10, there was no sign of such a tour beginning, so I got up and walked around campus by myself. Besides, I had looked at a map, which showed the agenda of a tour. It seemed geared towards potential undergraduate on-campus students. I am none of those things.

Both the staff and the student population is predominantly black. That’s something that I realized right away. I’ve never spent a whole lot of time being obviously a minority someplace. Except maybe Italy? It felt unusual to me.

I managed to find the graduate school office fairly quickly (I took that picture on the steps of the building, just before it began raining). I walked into the office and met with the executive assistant for graduate admissions.

She admitted up-front that she didn’t know a whole lot about the Library Science program (on purpose, she had learned a while ago not to guess and give false information), but she could answer all my questions about admissions. She took down my name and contact information so she could forward it on to the relevant Library Science people. Literally all of the Library Science faculty and staff were in a department-wide meeting right then. But she named off two people in particular who she would pass my info on to, who she said were “very quick to respond.”

I asked about admissions requirements, since the website gave very little information on what standards they were looking for. She said that they took a “holistic approach” to admissions — a poor GPA could be made up by a good GRE, or a bad GRE could be followed by an excellent letter of purpose.* Having excellent everything could still lead to a rejection if the staff felt like you weren’t a good fit. She used 3.0 as a basic excellent GPA, which made me feel less bad about my 3.09 GPA.

I asked if, since the Library Science program was part of the IT program, it was a technology-based program. She had never heard the question before, had no idea what the answer was, and wrote it down to pass on to both the people she was going to email about me and the people in charge of overhauling the new website. It was a very good question apparently.

She asked if I was looking for a Yes or a No to that question. I replied that I wasn’t sure. I had worked in a library during my undergrad, where I had worked with more technology than actual books. Which was good — yay more technology understanding — and bad — boo not enough books. Then we both got on a random tangent where we declared e-readers worse than physical books.

I left soon afterwards.

I still have not received an email from her or from the professors she was emailing. I don’t know her email address, either.

I walked out of there with a better understanding of what I want to do with my life. Why do I want a degree in Library Science? So I can work in a big university library, and be surrounded by quiet, books, and a learning environment (at least, it was quiet in the interlibrary loan office at Mason). I want to work in a big university specifically, so that I can have a variety of classes to take every semester, even if I’m not working towards any one degree. So I rejected NC State out of hand. I don’t want a degree in Public History. I want a degree in Library Science.

Next up is UNC. I’m excited.

*Letters of purpose seem really big in the graduate community. At NC State, the student affairs woman I spoke with went on a tangent about how some people say that they are interested in history — “Not even American history, or ancient history, just history — it’s a big subject!” The executive assistant I spoke with mentioned that they reject people who want degree just to have a degree, since they tend to not finish the program.

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Two days ago, the Pacman Frog showed signs of an eye infection; it was brought into the Quiet Room, and its eye was dosed with medication twice a day. I closed last night and opened this morning (I was covering a closing shift for someone else). Last night, the frog seemed…well, frog-like. Still. Pensive.

This is a Pacman Frog by the way. source

Last night, a man came into the store with his dead betta fish. He wanted to exchange it for another betta fish. I said that I couldn’t test the water if the fish was in the water. He asked what that had to do with anything. I explained that, per our policy, before we did an even exchange for fish, we tested the water. He exclaimed that no one had told him that. I said that it would be no problem, if he just brought back another water sample. He said something about how he had had the fish for two months and then it suddenly dies — Two months? I said. Because that even-exchange policy for fish only lasts for two weeks.

Long story short, he spoke with the manager, who corroborated my story. The fish policy is only for two weeks. The man left, sans fish, furious. The manager gestured at the fish in my hands and said to throw it away.

I went into the back room and held the fish cup over the trash can. I looked at the dead fish. He was a blue crowntail-plakat, with a blue body and head, rimmed in rainbow colors. He had been a beautiful fish.

This is roughly the body shape I’m talking about. source

I thought that perhaps I ought to say a few words. It was a dead creature. He had probably lived a short, horrible life, full of cramped spaces and too little oxygen. Probably overfed. Probably cold. I hadn’t known about him for but five minutes, and he had been dead the whole time. Still, some respect was due.

All I could come up with was, “You were a beautiful fish.”

Then I dumped him and the cup into the trashcan with the kitty litter, used tank filters, and hamster food, and then went on my way.

This morning, the Pacman Frog was dead. I didn’t react as strongly as I had to the leopard gecko that died last week. All I did was take out a pair of tongs and poke it a few times to make sure that it was dead, before I wrapped it in a paper towel, put it in a fish bag, and wrote down the date, my name, and the Pacman Frog’s UPC code on the fish bag. Then stuffed the whole shebang into the freezer. Then I went about my day. Feeding animals. Sanitizing water dishes. Medicating the living sick animals.

I’ve seen a lot of dead animals lately.

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Visting NC State   Leave a comment

I’m finally doing it! I’m finally taking a step forward towards grad school. Today I visited NC State. The university is over 125 years old; it began life as an agricultural college, but the sudden increase of students in the post-WWII G.I. Bill boom meant that they had to refocus. It’s a giant campus, big enough that you have to drive across. There’s even a railroad track running through it.

Tunnel under railroad track

And don’t worry, there are tunnels underneath the railroad

(okay, WordPress, I told you to center that text, why aren’t you centering that text?)

Joyner Visitor Center

I started out my visit by going to the, well, Visitor’s Center, where I encountered the dilemma that would hold me throughout the entire visit: I have no idea what I’m looking for. The friendly undergrad running the desk asked me what grad programs I was interested in, and I confessed that I had completely mixed up the three schools I was looking at, and had no idea what grad programs I was interested in. She asked me what I was interested in studying in general. I said “History and classics and libraries” so she put an X by the Humanities building, the History building, the student center, and the library. And the main parking lot.

After getting completely lost and then parking in permit-only parking, I headed for the student union, since it was closest. The Student Union is in the process of getting renovated, so I had to take the long way around, crossing the street twice just to get to the next building over. I earned a finger-wag from a passing bus drive. It was a weird moment of confusion, not only in where I was supposed to be going but also in the fact that people finger-wag?




The Student Union, Talley Hall, is gigantic, about three times the size of Mason’s Johnson Center. The food court puts the Johnson Center to shame as well; it’s an actual food court, with lots and lots and lots of seating. It was about 2:00, past a normal lunchtime, so most of the people there were snacking and studying, except for one dude who was trying to access one of the free X-Boxes that they have there for students to play on. Their convenience store was about twice the size of the Johnson Center convenience store. They had a pizza shop and a Jimmy John’s. And an ice cream store. I couldn’t resist.

Next I crossed under the railroad tracks and visited the academic side of campus, which is the more historic part of the campus and was absolutely beautiful.




Despite being a college campus, the whole place had a serene small-town feel. There was a mix of architectural styles from the various eras the campus had existed. I didn’t take a picture of it, but there was a building, the 1911 building, with a grand entrance of four pillars. I could hear birds chirping. A small group walked by in serious discussion. A young man skateboarded by. I watched him hop the curb and then, confidently, skate off towards his destination past the silo. He didn’t even look both ways. He didn’t need to.

I walked down the street and found a busy two-lane street, lined with Jimmy John’s, I ❤ New York Pizza, and a Chipotle, among others. I walked down this street to the Humanities building. They sent me towards the History building, because I had no idea what was really going on or where I was.

As I walked, I wondered if I really wanted a Masters in History. I concluded that I didn't, not really. The fun part of history is really just reading about it. I've never really been one for original research. What would I do with a Masters in history that I couldn't do with a Bachelors? No one really seemed to think a history degree is worth all that much. Come to think of it, why was I even studying Latin? What good would that do me?

I had absolutely no idea how to explain myself once I finally arrived at the third-floor office of the History wing. I stammered out that I was looking at grad schools (true) and I was interested in history (false?) and maybe there was someone I could talk to? They gave me the email address of someone I could talk to, then sent me further into the office to talk with Nerene, the woman in charge of Student Relations.

I said I was doing preliminary research into grad schools and she asked what I wanted to know. I had absolutely no idea what to say. Finally I came up with how long the program lasted, and the conversation continued from there. Honestly, most of my questions could have been answered by looking on the website. The program is 30 credits long. They get around 80 applications every year and they accept about 50 of them. She started talking about how many of the students become Teaching Assistants or work in the library, which sounded very appealing to me. She also said something about how they got students who "did 21 hours a semester in undergrad, and then they come here and do 9 and say that they work even harder here."

I confessed that I came from a school where full time students were 12-16 credit hours, and that I had preferred to do 12 credit hours a semester because I couldn't handle the standard 15. She nodded and said that it wasn't unusual for students to do part-time, but that part-time meant that I couldn't be a TA. From the many, many, many times she mentioned students as TAs, I got the sense that being a TA was standard. I asked how one becomes a TA.

They ask you to become one; they go in order of your GPA. But it didn’t matter if you only had, say, a 3.3; if the person who had a 3.5 turned down the offer, then they would consider you next.

I got very nervous because I had a 3.09 at George Mason and maybe wouldn’t be considered to be a TA at all.

Then she mentioned, for the third time, that “public history is different of course” and so I asked what public history is.

Well. Public History is history, of course, but with an emphasis on real-world work: archiving, working at a museum, working at a historical site. There were several classes in common, but they had their own classes too. This is when I got excited. This sounded like exactly the sort of program I wanted. Somewhat of a cross between library science and history.

Sensing my enthusiasm, she started talking about applications: deadlines, three letters of recommendations, they only asked for an unofficial transcript and that only when you had already been accepted…Oh, by the way, what other colleges was I looking at?

“My manager recommended North Carolina Central’s Masters in Library Science,” I said.

That was a very good program, and also, a lot of Masters students here went on to study Library Science at UNC. It was very normal. A lot of them did their final semester at NCSU and their first semester at UNC at the same time.

Then we talked about me for a little bit, and she recommended how to balance working at Starbucks with pursuing a Masters degree. Then I left.

I still feel out-of-sorts and unable to decide. On Monday I visit NCCU. I’m still not very good at asking questions about programs. But I have email addresses now, in case I have further questions. I just have no idea what I’m looking for.

On being a useless intellectual   1 comment

makala thinks I'm smart

Later that same day, I started singing “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” while fixing a mocha frappaccino, because that song has been stuck in my head for about seven days now. I then explained to Makala that the song was stuck in my head. Makala responded by singing Christmas carols. She sang,

Oh bring us some figgy pudding
Oh bring us some figgy pudding
Oh bring us some figgy pudding
And bring some out here

Then said, “What the hell is figgy pudding? It sounds disgusting.”

I then went through a basic gist of how people celebrated Christmas in pre-1820s Western society (long story short: get drunk, sing Christmas Carols, break into rich people’s houses and demand food and drink, because Christmas was the one time of year when poor people could do that — topsy turvy!) and how those traditions funneled into modern-day society (we switched from giving stuff to poor people to giving stuff to children, because children were regarded as little better back in those days basically).

Makala listened to all of this, and then said, “Why do you even know this??”

A few minutes later Steve the Security Guy walked by and, in the midst of the conversation, bragged about how he knew everything. Makala declared that he couldn’t, because I know everything and she could prove it. Steve wandered away after a customer asked us questions about our anniversary roast.

And today, one of the cashiers came by to refill her water cup. She complained that the store was too hot, and wished that it were more like the outside. I then explained about how most stores work to keep the inside conditioners as consistent as possible, thereby blocking out any way for customers to be able to tell time. Temperature regulation, no clocks, blocking view of the windows — all to keep customers from noticing how much time has passed. The more customers linger, the more they’ll buy.

The cashier listened intently, then said, “How do you even know all that??”

“She knows everything,” Makala said. “She’s like an encyclopedia.”

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Tuesday was a bad day   2 comments

Target finally paid me on Tuesday, and I was utterly delighted. I was now about $400 richer. I began having fantasies of not dipping into my savings to pay for my student loan, and also, getting my car registered in North Carolina. Delighted, James and I went and ran errands. He wanted to buy some fabric so we could have a proper surface for our mini-games, X-Wing and Pirates. We took care of my errands first, because they were administrative and thus time-sensitive.

Both James and the bank teller said that they paid about $120 to get their car registered, so I kept $120 in cash from my paycheck and put the rest into my bank account. Then James and I drove to the nearest North Carolina Title and License Plate location.

There was a line, not surprisingly, but fortunately my line was shortest. I got in line while James sat in a chair.

I stood in line.

I stood in line some more.

I had already been on my feet working for eight hours and I think I stood there in one spot for what felt like 45 minutes. Finally I was called up. I had all my paperwork ready in-hand. The woman immediately began processing. Then she said, “That will be $199.”

“199?” I repeated.

“199.” The woman looked absolutely bored.

“I have 120 in cash,” I said. “Can I pay the rest in debit?”

“That will be an additional $5.”

I handed over the cash and my debit card. The woman looked at my cash, and then glared at me. “What is this extra $3 for?”

“That’s all the cash in my wallet,” I said. “I wanted to put as little on the debit card as possible.”

“But why,” she said, “Is there three dollars?”

I said, slowly, “I’m giving you one hundred and twenty-three dollars.”

She sighed and tapped at the computer some more and then put all of my cash in a little drawer. Then she shoved a license plate and a letter from NCDOT into my hands.

I decided to speak up. “All the people I talked to said that it would be around $120. I asked a lot of people. Why did it come out so expensive?”

She sighed. “We base your rate on the value of the car. If it seems like a bigger liability then we charge more.”

I processed for a second, and then said, “You charge more for cheaper cars?”

“Yes. Next!”

I stumbled back to James, who looked up from his phone and saw immediately that I was close to tears.

“Are you okay?”

I’m not sure what I said. I was more interested in leaving the building. We walked back to the car and James drove us to JoAnn’s Fabrics. Then he turned off the car and looked at me. “Are you okay? Do you feel up to going inside?”

“I don’t know.”

“Do you want to go home?”

“You decide.”

James drove us home. I made grilled cheese and tomato soup for myself. After I ate, James recommended that we play a game. We tried out Kamisado, which James won handily at twice. Then we finally played Pirates, which I had been pushing for a month for us to play. James again won.

Normally I wouldn’t have been bothered by losing constantly, especially at a game like Pirates. Pirates is one of those journey-not-the-destination games. He ran my biggest ship derelict; normally I would have been narrating the plight of my poor pirates and laughing and suggesting that he sink my derelict ship. But my mood was so sour that it just made everything worse. After we cleaned up the game, I picked up my Cicero biography and lay on the bed and read. James came in and checked on me, but other than that, I spent the evening reading. It was probably the best part of the day.

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“So let me get this straight,” said Eva. “You accept the concept of faster-than-light travel without affecting people’s relative ages, but you don’t get that our energies live outside of our bodies?”

“But where does it go?” Matt threw his arms into the air, pacing back and forth from one end of the study to the other end. “Where does it go, once our bodies die? Is it just everywhere? Am I walking through dead people right now?” He waved and slapped his fingers together, as if trying to grab something with them.

“No!” said Claire. “Only some people.”

“Then what,” Matt said. His pacing increased; he began walking in circles around the whole room. “If the Law of Conservation of Energy holds true, then that energy is being used somewhere. Where does it go?

“The Afterlife,” Claire scoffed.

“Where is the Afterlife?” Matt asked. Eva stepped out from the doorway and put a hand on his arm, but Matt kept walking.

“It’s…it’s somewhere else,” Claire shrugged, and looked at Andy. Andy looked back at her, arms in her lap, listening patiently. She was not going to be any help. “Most people go there, but some people stay here. That’s all.”

“No, that’s not all,” Matt said. “What is the Afterlife? Why would all that energy need to be collected? Where does the energy go?”

“He has a point,” Andy said.

Claire glared at her. “It’s another point of existence. Another dimension, maybe.”

Perhaps Claire thought that the word dimension would ease him. But Matt was not through.

“Maybe? Maybe?” Matt stood in front of the window; his whole front was dark and unreadable. “If you’re the experts, why can’t you tell me? Shouldn’t you know?”

In the doorway, Eva cried quietly.

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Developments   1 comment

Well I don’t know about you, but I had a thoroughly dull evening planned — fried chicken and Doctor Who, maybe some tidying up around the apartment? But I’ve been playing phone tag with a manager for Harris Teeter the last few days and we finally managed to get in touch, and suddenly I had an interview.


I have a tentative offer for Harris Teeter, to work as a Starbucks barista and maybe sometimes as a bakery clerk. The pay is exactly the same as what I currently get at Target, but. Here are the important parts to me:

-I’m going to receive complete training
-Like, a set number of hours of training
-In something I’m already partially trained in
-Also, I think Harris Teeter might have better benefits
-Harris Teeter also appears to have more opportunities for personal growth. I’ve talked to a lot of Target employees who have complained that they want X position or would like to be trained for Y thing or promoted because they’ve worked for Z number of years. I get the sense, from James and from the hiring manager, that it’s a lot easier to grow at Harris Teeter. While I certainly don’t see myself working in a grocery store for the rest of my life, a masters degree ain’t free, and neither is room and board while pursuing a masters.

The actual hiring process takes like a week, so we’ll find out for sure later, but I am tentatively a barista at a Harris Teeter!

Starbucks YEAH


FIERCE DRAGONSonny and meMe and my favorite boy


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The Sims   2 comments

This morning, after I showered, I was still left in a blur of sleepiness, so I sat on the couch for 15 minutes and played the Sims Freeplay on my phone. It’s the latest app I’ve downloaded. I really, really want to play the Sims, and yet there’s always better things to spend money on. But the Sims Freeplay was…well, it was free.

At first I was so happy. It was Sims doing things I told them do! Even though most of the time the game was telling me what to do, in pursuit of various quests to get points and then level up. Still, I always made sure I had one Sim more than was required by the game, so that I could always have Sims that weren’t doing The Man’s bidding. They were doing my bidding.

But after a while I started to resent my Sims. If I didn’t tell them what to do, they would sit down. Sometimes they would walk to another room and sit down. Sometimes they just sat down in the nearest chair. But mostly, they just sat.

Here’s the thing: the Sims that I know have Free Will. This means that, if you aren’t actively telling them what to do, they will go and do something. They woill take care of a Need that was at the lowest level, or they will go do something Fun. And I respect that. I can leave a Sim alone and know that the Sim can take care of itself. The Sim can be busy. I can also tell them what to do, and they can say No, because they aren’t feeling well. I can also understand that, even if I don’t like it. It somehow makes them seem more real.

But these Sims had no Free Will. They just sit and wait to be told what to do. I’m pretty certain they would wet their pants and starve to death before getting up out of their chair and taking care of a Need.

They also didn’t have the ability to form attachments to each other. Relationships between Sims had Levels, certainly — Stranger, Acquaintance, Budding Friendship/Romance, Good Friends/Dating, ???/Partners, ???/Engaged, ???/Married. But they had as much effect on the world as two high school girls who are Facebook-married. I planned all the devious relationship stuff that one does with Sims. I had Maria start Dating both Betty and Austin. Then I injected Maciej into the mix, and had him start Flirting with both Maria and Betty. I intended to eventually set Maciej up with Austin. I arranged the meetings so that Maciej was never in the same room as both Betty and Maria.

But this morning, in my sleep-haze playtime, the two other Sims, Elizabeth and Owen, got married. It took a little arranging on both sides, and a lot of unnecessary running around. First I had to build a Park. Then 5 Sims had to go to the Park. Then someone had to Talk with Ducks About the Rings for 7 minutes (????). Then I had to send Elizabeth and Owen back home so they could look at their house one more time before getting married. I got caught in a loop. I sent Elizabeth and Owen back home three times each, before I finally gave up and made them get married at home, with no witnesses.

Anyway, while Betty was Talking with Ducks, I needed something else to do with the other five Sims. Four of them were sitting on benches near each other: Elizabeth, Maciej, Owen, and Maria. I clicked on Maciej and had him start romancing the nearest person — who turned out to be Elizabeth.

Maciej was hitting on the Bride in front of the Groom on their wedding day. Obviously I knew that the actual Day wasn’t very auspicious to any of the Sims, who are a bunch of pixel bits and software, but previous Sims that I’ve played with would get pissed if someone starting Flirting with their Significant Other in front of them. I waited for drama to ensue.

Owen continued to sit on his bench.

I frowned. Now I had Elizabeth Flirt with Maciej.

Owen continued to sit on his bench.

I closed the app and uninstalled it.

I guess I learned today what sort of God I would be, if I ever became one (that, too, is on my list of possible career paths to pursue). I might be the sort of God that incites complicated romantic entanglements to entertain myself, but I also want creations who are capable of responding to their environment. I want creations who make their own decisions, who take care of themselves, who Go to Bed when they are tired and Eat a Snack when they are Hungry. It may not be fun all the time, for me or for them — they will get jealous, they will get angry, they will shake their fist at a God that forces them to paint paintings for 18 hours a day — I will get annoyed when they complain that they are tired and refuse to paint anymore when they are so close to being a Level 2 in Creativity and they could get promoted tomorrow! — but at least I can respect their autonomy. At least they have autonomy. At least I can feel as though these creatures that I’ve made are real living creatures, something beyond a bundle of pixels on top of a bunch of statistics.

Getting an MLS   2 comments

So yesterday at Petsmart, I was cutting pallets open with a manager there. She seems to like me. She caught me on Tuesday organizing dog costumes by size and was absolutely delighted. She knows I used to work at Books-a-Million and seems to think of me as a “fellow book person.”

She said, “Are you planning on getting your master’s degree?”

I said yes, but I couldn’t decide what to get it in. Classical history? Teaching? History?

“Why not library science?” she asked. It turns out that’s what she’s getting her master’s degree in. She thought I seemed like a good candidate for a Masters in Library Science. I confessed that the thought had crossed my mind as well, but I couldn’t seem to decide.

I mentioned the idea to James over lunch, and he gave a chuckle and said that he was doomed to always date librarians.

It’s honestly not a bad idea. All of the non-teaching careers that I’ve considered — archiving, government bureaucracy, working in libraries — all seem to require an MLS. Not to mention that, presumably, knowing library science would help in future historical research. No one really cares that I have a degree in history. What practical use is a history degree, after all? But an MLS, that means I know how to do databases and research and organize things, right? (I guess? Just from scanning shelves in the library science section at Fenwick Library I could tell there was more to it, but most people seem to think that’s all there is to library science)

I decided to do some research this morning. UNC’s program requires 48 credit hours and comes with a technology requirement. They also “look for strong, past academic records, judged by the applicant’s past Grade Point Average (GPA), and we examine the coursework on the student’s transcript(s) to determine personal strengths and areas of mastery. Recently accepted graduate students had an average undergraduate GPA of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale.”

Well great. I graduated with a 3.09 on a 4.0 scale. Now, that 3.5 is an average, but what that means is that I have to be amazing in other areas, like strong recommendation letters, GRE scores, and my statement of interest.

North Carolina Central also has a program; it requires 36 credit hours and mastery in a second language (modern, sign, or computer). It also has an online program. They only require a 3.0 to attend and they don’t seem to list what GRE scores they want, and they only want two letters of recommendation. Also, their website looks a lot less modern than UNC’s website. This is the program my manager is going through.

Honestly, I think that what I need to do now is go out to these various colleges, walk around their campuses, and ask questions from their admissions people and the people who run the programs I’m interested in. This can’t continue to be theoretical. Do I want to work in libraries or archives? Do I want to teach? Do I want to be a classics professor (UNC’s program is basically a training program for classics professors)? What do I want to do with my life? It can no longer be about “what opportunities am I able to get” because I need to go out and get those opportunities.

Poor things   5 comments

James (reading off the internet): “Would you slap your mom for $2 million?”
Kelsey: Yeah.
James: Yeah. I’d just give her a million of it.
Kelsey: I wouldn’t. I would just tell her that I slapped her for $2 million. I feel like we have that kind of relationship where I could do that.
Kelsey: *feels pretty bad about that*
Kelsey: I mean, I’d pay for her house renovations.
Kelsey: I know what she would spend it on.
Kelsey: She would spend it on house renovations.

I haven’t mentioned this before, but at Petsmart, there’s been a leopard gecko that hasn’t been eating. We’ve been keeping him in the back and offering him crickets and worms, trying to get him to eat. He hasn’t, so every morning and night we give him a bit of liquid appetite inducer. We rub some of it on his mouth, and he instinctually licks his lips to get it off. It’s not much, but it’s something.

Well this leopard gecko finally died last night, and I was the one who found him, because of course I was. It was probably one of the strangest moments of my life. I hadn’t particularly liked the lizard, but still, it had once walked this earth. And it was dead. And I had found it. I wasn’t sad. I think I was in shock. I kind of paced in the room for a bit. I completely needed to take a break and deal with the sudden emotion, but it was 8:15 and the store opened in 45 minutes, and I hadn’t fed the birds, hamsters, and reptiles, much less started any of the other opening activities.

I made myself go take care of the birds. It’s a much more automated process, for me, than taking care of hamsters and reptiles. You take out the bowls, dump the food, replace it. The birds fly away from you, so you don’t have to interact with them.

The hamsters were fine, willing to sniff my hand. The reptiles were actually interested in eating mealworms. What made me feel better, really, was people bringing in puppies to the vet. Puppies get a lot of check-ups, so these were completely healthy puppies who were just excited about everything. They wouldn’t sit still for a second, not even for a petting, but they were so happy that it made me happy.

I really want a dog.

The Most Interesting Lizard in the World
I don’t always bang my head against glass, but when I do, I do it for hours on end.

But Sinbad is getting bigger! Look at him!

Sinbad growth

He’s alert and sassy too. I’m nervous about his prospects for adoption. Look at the top picture — his leg problem is never going to go away completely. But he’s really taken off, health-wise.

Man, I thought I had more exciting things to say. But yeah, other than Sinbad and the leopard gecko, I just worked for a few hours this morning, and tonight James and I playing board games at the Gamer’s Armory. I tossed around the idea of running an RPG in Savage Worlds or Josh’s FASTTRPG system. Just to stretch out my GMing legs. James was for it. We tossed around GM theory on the drive home. I need to think of/develop a plot, and then I’ll start reaching out at local gamestores and on reddit, see if there’s any interest. I looked at the Gamer’s Armory flier board; a couple of people looking for games, no one advertising for players. Also, Gamer’s Armory is running a Pathfinder intro on Wednesday nights. I might email the people running that. They’re looking for players and GMs.

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