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I am not happy down here. I am lonely all the time. James can only do so much, but he is one man, with a full-time job and a hobby and the need to do laundry. I can only do so much to distract myself from my loneliness and sadness, but there’s only so much drawing and translating you can do before you have to admit to yourself that you miss having friends. I refuse to go out looking for friends until my money situation improves. I’m barely breaking 32 hours a week. I haven’t actually been paid for anything yet. Friends cost money. You have to pay your way on food and tickets and food (mostly food). And I hate my job situation.

The job that I like — Petsmart — is not giving me any hours. I went from 12 last week to 8 this week. I’m entirely sure why. By all accounts, I am well-liked at Petsmart. I do my job well, I am learning fast, I get along with my coworkers. But I was promised 25+ hours and I’m not getting it. I’ll talk to my manager when I can. I’m just never in Petsmart. (It will be something simple, like, “so I’m concerned because when I was hired I was promised 25 hours a week, and I’m only getting scheduled around 10 hours a week?”)

The job that I dislike — Target — is giving me 24+ hours each week, which is fine, that’s what they offered me originally. It is the thing that is paying my bills. My coworkers are, for the most part, very nice people who are welcoming me into their conversations during breaktime. Cashiering isn’t a bad job, really. I’m terrible at the sales pitch part (I just sometimes drop a “will you be saving 5% on your purchase with your Red Card today?” but honestly I don’t really care enough to do it all the time). But I’ve got the scanning/bagging/chatting with customers down pat.

Most of the time, I’m working at the Starbucks at Target. And I hate working at Starbucks.

On Sunday I walked into Starbucks and put on my apron and started working because I’m scheduled at Starbucks about 90% of the time. As it turned out, I was supposed to be a cashier. But for those 30 minutes or so, I worked with Cheryl and Mikaela, and I was so happy. Because Mikaela looked at me and said, “I was new just a few months ago, and they didn’t explain anything to me. Have they told you how to make recipes?”

I said, “No.”

So she went through the basic recipes for a caramel macchiato and a vanilla bean latte with me. And it was the first time in literally the entire time that anyone took the time to explain how to make a Starbucks drink at Starbucks. Previously, with the manager, Manny, I was expected to write down customer drink information on cups, but he got annoyed if I flipped open the book to look up drink codes. I was “taking up too much time.” He would explain to me how to make steamed milk (a key component in about 99% of Starbucks drinks), and if I tried to make steam milk, he would snatch the milk out of my hands and show me how to make it. I’ve been shown how to make steamed milk 15 times dude. I’m not going to learn it unless I do it. One time I was told to make a salted caramel mocha, and I started making a frappucchino, because the instructions are written on the counter and so it’s the only thing I know how to make. The customer was okay with it, but I was not. I thought “mocha” just meant “chocolate” like he wanted chocolate on his frappucchino. I didn’t know mocha was an actual beverage.

If I try to make a drink, I have to constantly ask questions over my shoulder, and the answers are all “it depends on the drink” because there are so many variations. They always end up just making the drink for me. I haven’t learned the basic recipes for any of the drinks. I’m not sure why. No one has bothered to teach me. I don’t know the difference between a latte and an espresso. Does a mocha have coffee in it? I don’t know. When do you add coffee and when don’t you? I don’t know.

On Sunday, I expressed some of my concerns to a fellow cashier, who also works in cafe sometimes and therefore knows the folks at Starbucks. She nodded empathetically and said, “They need people so badly at Starbucks that they throw people in before they’re ready. Honestly, the only person I would trust to train anyone at Starbucks is Manny.”

Manny, the guy who doesn’t take thirty seconds to explain the ingredients in a recipe? Manny, the guy who snatches milk from my hands because he doesn’t trust me to make steamed milk? Manny is the best trainer they have?

I spent my day off yesterday applying for new jobs.

I don’t want to work at Target anymore.

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  1. Dude, if you can make it long enough to learn things you are doing better than most. I just started at gamestop. They have the same training policy. The ONLY way I learn is when I DEMAND to be taught. I fight with people when they snatch things from me, and I have gotten in several arguments when I refused to do something that I wasn’t first shown how to do. It just seems like the only way. What has it gotten me? A potential promotion. They like my initiative. I would love to visit you sometime soon, maybe we can have some fun together! ❤ m0053

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