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My manager/trainer, Manny, was not working the Starbucks counter today. Instead, it was Alicia and Kelli, although Kelli was transitioning to the cafe counter. I was nervous. I have never worked Starbucks without Manny and I still don’t know how to make drinks.

“You don’t know how to make drinks?” they asked.

I felt defensive. “Well, I know how to follow the frappuccino instructions on the counter, if you tell me what flavors to use.”

“You’ve worked here for three weeks and you don’t know how to make drinks?”

“No,” I said. “Manny won’t let me.”

Kelli got angry on my behalf and muttered something about talking to management about this. She completely understood that watching someone else make a drink is not the same as learning how to make a drink. She, too, is a hands-on learner. Alicia began to panic. This was as bad as closing by herself — working with a completely untrained barista?

Kelli found a book of recipes. Two, actually. She showed me how the pages worked (drink order/sample picture on the front, actual method of crafting on the back). Those books were my guide to getting through my shift. Sometimes Alicia told me what flavors to use, but mostly I made drinks. By myself. With just a book as my guide.

It was awesome.

I made drinks you guys! Acceptable drinks! The customers could tell that I was new — they kept smiling sympathetically and saying, “First day?” to which I said “Yeah” because heck, I felt like it was my first day. I pretty much have the Salted Caramel Mocha Frappuccino down pat, and a really good idea of how a Pumpkin Spice Latte works. I just need the book open to remind myself what the flavors are. BAM.

I might go into Target tomorrow. I’m not scheduled to work, but I kind of want to sit down with HR and discuss my situation. Since discovering this book, my comfort level with Starbucks has improved dramatically. But I still don’t feel like Starbucks is the right location for me. But Alicia and Kelli are super-nice and I’m really glad I worked with them.

I did some dry-goods shopping after work. And since I was in charge I could treat myself.

the taste you can see

I am an adult and that means I get to decide that Cinnamon Toast Crunch is an acceptable dinner.


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