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I did a naughty thing tonight.

While Makala was taking her lunch, I decided that, hey, no one was watching, so…so I went ahead and made myself a drink. A small drink. I justified it by telling myself that Manny had told me to try more drinks and pastries, so I could recommend them to customers.

My original plan had been to make a Cinnamon Dolce Latte, which sounds heavenly. But I realized that, under my justification, I had to have something that customers tended to drink. And lately, lots of customers have been drinking Caramel Macchiatos. So I resigned myself to that. I made it with decaf, because honey I am getting up at 6:30 in the morning for a stocking shift and I am not staying up all night.

Caramel Macchiatos are pretty simple — a few pumps of vanilla, steamed milk, pour the espresso shots on top, and then do the famous caramel cross-hatching. I receive many compliments on my caramel cross-hatches. They are beautiful. Manny even complimented them once. It is only one of two compliments that I have ever gotten from him (the other is that I did a good job remembering how much water goes into each dehydrated syrup).

I slipped into the back and took a sip of my creation. I took a sip. I suddenly realized that I am actually really good at my job. The milk was steamed evenly (I hadn’t even tried!). The espresso was bitter, and I had to make myself get through that portion, but towards the bottom, the caramel had mixed with the vanilla and was actually pretty good.

I’m getting better about chatting with customers. Right now the best conversations come from commenting on their shirts. One guy was wearing his Chipotle uniform, so I asked him about working at Chipotle (he loves it). A couple were wearing Dragon Age 2 shirts, so we chatted about gaming for a bit. I gave a brief review of The Handmaid’s Tale (although I was confused and called it “the Midwife’s Tale”) which was perhaps inappropriate given the subject matter, but I focused mainly on the part in the beginning where the Handmaid recounts the beginning of the revolution, where she realizes that her credit card doesn’t work.

I was running around like crazy towards the end of my shift and I suddenly asked Makala, “Does decaf still have caffiene in it? Just less?”

Makala said, “Yeah, it’s just a reduced amount.”


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