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The more that I read about becoming a teacher in North Carolina, the less appealing it sounds. Did you know that North Carolina is #46 in teacher pay? Because it is. A pay raise for teachers is a huge issue in the upcoming midterm elections, and Thom Tillis and Kay Hagan are arguing back and forth over whether that recent 7% pay raise was for all teachers, or only the best teachers (looking at the Google Search headlines, no one really seems to know either way). I just don’t feel secure in a future of teaching for North Carolina.

Which means that it’s time for Plan B: becoming a librarian.

UNC’s program for a Master’s in Library Science looks the best, the most ambitious, but they also require a 3.5 GPA, and I just do not have that. I’ve been stumped. Maybe I could start at a place like NCCU or NC State and then transfer to UNC?

In the shower this morning I pondered over all this as the conditioner set in my hair, and I began thinking about all the things that a librarian has to do. It’s not just putting books away. You have to maintain databases. You have to retrieve information and teach people how to find that information — it’s practically information science —

I could study information science to get my GPA up. Perhaps I could even focus on database management, get a head start on it? And would you look at that, Wake Tech has a couple Associate’s Degrees in Database Management. Their tuition fees are very affordable — 12 credits at only $864/semester for in-state students, and their out-of-state students are exactly equal to in-state VA students at Mason.

I could also put some more, useful skills on my resume, beyond QuickBooks (which I haven’t used in three years) and writing and editing (which no one really seems to respond to anyway). “Hey, Research Triangle,” I could tell my neighbors, “Are you looking for someone who knows, I don’t know, Linux or Unix or C# or something, because I have that. Oh, hey, temp firms, lookie here, a recent college grad who has both social sciences and information technology on her resume.” (stands on a box, uses a megaphone) “HEY, UNC, LOOK AT THIS HERE RESUME, YOU MIGHT WANT TO HIRE ME SO I CAN DO COMPUTERY STUFF BY DAY AND TAKE YOUR LIBRARY CLASSES AT NIGHT FOR A REDUCED RATE OR A FREE RATE? LOOK AT ME.”

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  1. I don’t have any useful advice to give, but good luck with the decision-making!

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