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I am not very good at sleeping. Part of the reason James and I set out on this project of redecorating our bedroom is because our bed usually looks terrible. James needs one bedcover under a single sheet. He lays down, crosses his arms over himself like a mummy, and falls instantly to sleep. I kick the sheet off of me, and sleep in layers of blankets:

Layer 1: a thin, loosely-woven blanket directly over top of me, to let air in
Layer 2: a quilt, not very heavy but still has weight, over my upper half
Layer 3 (optional): a nice warm blanket for when I get cold (usually when I first go to bed and need to warm up, and when I wake up but still have an hour or so to sleep)
Layer 4 (optional): a small, heavy blanket for when I am really, really cold

So James’ side of the bed is always nice and neat, while my side is a tangled mess of random-looking blankets. I toss and turn for a while, sometimes using a heating pad to warm up just my stomach or feet.

James decided to spend part of his bonus check on new bedroom decor for us. We had finally settled on everything, and it all showed up while I was working a double shift on Wednesday.

blue and yellow striped bedset

James set it all up as a surprise for me. He rotated the mattress, bought new pillows and a mattress cover, washed all the new linens, and set it all up. It was apparently all worth it to see me jump up and down in excitement when I saw it. It was just so pretty!

We went to bed around 11:00, and I got frustrated around 4:30 because I was so hot and tired and unable to sleep. I had even tried pulling the sheet and quilt out from the edges of the bed and sticking my feet out to cool them off. I had tried a heating pad to lure me into relaxation. I stuck extra blankets on my shoulders. But the mattress pad seemed to absorb all the heat and turn everything into an oven. The new pillow was so fluffy that I couldn’t breathe if I lay on my belly, which is how I normally sleep. Nothing felt right.

Finally at 4:30 I took one my normal blankets and my HP Lovecraft book out into the living room (I’m in the middle of The Dreamquest of Unknown Kadath, where the biggest thing to fear is all the blatant racism). I turned myself into a cocoon and read until I couldn’t hold my eyes open anymore.

At 5:30 James woke up to go to work. He woke me up from my spot on the couch. I’m not entirely sure what words were said. But when he got into the shower, I crawled into bed. I tossed the new blankets onto his side of the bed and put my small, thin blanket over top of me.

I felt cold, so I decided to pull the new blankets from James’ side of the bed back. I pulled them onto my shoulders. That was fine. I rolled onto my side and fell into a weird sort of sleep, because I was sleeping on my side. I woke up again and felt cold, so I pulled my heavy quilt over top of me and fell asleep again.

On my first day off in about five weeks, I got about five hours of light sleep. But I figured out how to make the new blankets work for me. They just can’t be my primary blankets, that’s all.

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