The Adventures of Pizza Boy and Maggie: a secondary love interest   Leave a comment

Maggie: Why are you doing this? WHY ARE YOU FOLLOWING ME?
Kurt: The people want to know.
Maggie: The people want to know — I want to know! Stop following me! I’m not going to answer your questions! Why don’t you go ask Emily, aren’t you dating her?
Kurt: No, we went on one date so she would introduce me to you.
Maggie: You are an awful human being.
Kurt: How does that make you feel?
Maggie: I hate you.
Brooke who has, at some point in this discussion, entered: Ohoho, looks like someone’s found a new love interest!
Maggie: What?
Brooke: First a superhero, now an ace reporter! I sense a theme. Superb.
Maggie: We are literally arguing. I literally just said “I hate you” because I am genuinely angry at him.
Brooke: You’re just covering up the fact that you would totally bang.

Rob gives Maggie an appraising look and concludes that he would, in fact, totally do her.

Maggie: You’re disgusting.
Brooke: Called it.

Brooke exits.

Maggie: Brooke sure has changed. She used to be all whiny and now she’s…different.
Kurt: She’s Prosperina. Calling it.
Maggie: What? No she’s not, she’s totally…Prosperina. You’re right. She is totally Prosperina.
Kurt: What does that mean? How does you knowing this affect things?
Maggie: You’re really quick on the ball. A lot faster than Emily is.
Kurt: Yeah, I’m pretty smart.

So the way that I write is, I come up with a good idea for dialogue, get it written down as quickly as possible, then call it a day. This is an idea that I came up with in the shower. By the time I had gotten out of the shower, put clothes on, and opened this and started writing, I had lost the last half of what I wanted to write. Maggie yells and shouts about Emily, about how all she wants is to be a college professor (they were tied up somehow). But I don’t remember how they got from this point to that point.

This obviously takes place after Pizza Boy has electrocuted himself. I don’t remember if Maggie recognized Brooke when she was dressed as Prosperina. I do know that the big climax is going to involve Prosperina and Valedictorian kidnapping Kurt and being disappointed that Maggie doesn’t show up immediately to rescue him. Because in the real world, arguing and saying “I hate you” means that you don’t like that person.

Emily provides the emotional subplot that is normally reserved for love interests.

One of my saved drafts is the scene where Maggie meets Kurt. I really gotta finish that at some point.

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