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James and I are about to go see Wicked! That is one of my Christmas presents. My parents are wonderful.

We’re eating a small snack before we go, and while we’re doing so, we’re keeping an eye on the artificial pond behind our apartment building. It’s mostly frozen over with thin ice. There’s a group of Canadian Geese who live there year-round (Carolinian Geese now, I guess). We’ve been laughing at the antics of said geese.

First James noticed that one of the geese was standing on the ice. Just kinda…standing around, looking around, not doing anything. Later on, I went and checked on the goose, and saw that the ice had broken beneath him. Just straight-up fell through the ice. It was sitting on the water, trying to swim forward, but kept bumping into the edge.

Another goose was also standing on the ice. It was taking careful steps forward, the same sort of steps you or I would take walking on ice.

We stood at the kitchen window and alternatively giggled at the geese or cheered the geese on in their attempts to escape the ice. Finally the goose in the water managed to get enough lift to fly out of the water and onto the banks of the pond. We cheered.

The second goose broke through the ice just feet from the edge of the pond. That one didn’t even bother swimming. He just lifted off and went straight onto the bank. We laughed and then went back to our snacks.

I think we’re going to be very good theatre attendees.

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