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So the planned first episode of Apartment Hunters: Season 2 did not actually happen due to behind-the-scenes drama: one of the stars poisoned the other star. James is now dead. Long live House Hancher. He insists that it was indigestion due to the canned peas he heated up as a side, but the chicken quarter I gave him was totally undercooked you don’t have to spare my feelings you know.

Anyhoodle, we might check out a potential place tomorrow morning before James goes to work (I don’t work until the afternoon). On the plus side, I discovered that two of the places we’re looking at have MOVE-IN SIMULATORS. (When I saw those words I said “what’s a move-in simulator?” and James said “oh god I’ve lost you already” and it turns out HE WAS RIGHT)


I think this one is for an apartment complex called Preston? Or Biltmore? Or something really New-Englandy sounding. Maybe. Look, James made the apartment list. Whatever this place is, it has the better move-in simulator. Better fake furniture options. You could change the size and color of the furniture. It didn’t have everything, and I had to completely guess at the proportions, but it was a lot of fun.

It’s going to be really nice to have all of our furniture out for us to use.

Because James and I had a…not a fight? We didn’t really disagree on anything. We just sort of snapped at each other a few times because we were stressed out and upset. Anyway, whenever I took a screenshot and emailed it to myself from James’ computer, I made up a little letter from James.

My dearest Kelsey,

I love you so much. I think you are very very pretty and I want to kiss you and hug you all the time. I know that today you have snapped at me a couple of times and I also know that you are very sorry. I love you very much because you are so pretty.

My most sincerest regards on this letter that I totally wrote and you totally did not write,

your cute James bear

If James had actually written that I would have made coughing noises and pointed at the back of my throat. I read it aloud as I wrote it and he laughed hysterically, so. (he once actually did write me a love letter and I’m pretty certain he opened with “my dearest Kelsey” so I’m not making that up probably)


My sweetest Kelsey,

I don’t mind at all that you are pretending to be me because all the words you say are complete accurate. You are so pretty. You don’t really remind me of Elphaba because you are just so goshdarn pretty. And not evil. Not even a little. Okay a little. But I love you anyway.

Hugs and kisses,

Jamesy poo

Anyway, that was all that we did for Season 2, Episode 1 of Apartment Hunters. Hopefully in the next few weeks, as I leave one job and start up full-time at another, I will be much less stressed out and won’t snap at him anymore. Plus hopefully I’ll be getting benefits soon, which means (hopefully) that I’ll be able to get treatment for depression, which I’m sure isn’t helping matters.

Also, I treated myself to some retail therapy. It’s amazing what you can get for $24.50 at your local thrift store.

Alright, so, this is me, in an everyday outfit, what I would wear whenever.

Look at this sweater. It like molds onto my body. Like I was born in it.

Summer sweater!

I have a less-than-secret love for sweaters that have the blouse collar built in.

HOW CUTE IS THIS DRESS? Someday I’ll have the perfect body for this dress, which is rather body-hugging. It’s my Goal Dress.

And this dress too! How cute is this dress? I don’t even know when I would wear it. I bet I could combine it with my Summer Sweater and then break into the 1950s. I don’t know why I would want to do that. But I could.

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  1. You are making those dresses. Goal achieved!

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