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We managed to fit two apartments into an hour-and-a-half span before James had to go to work, and I even visited a third before I went home and made lunch for myself.

The first place we visited was called Crossroads Townhomes. It is, in fact, the place that I said had a “New-Englandy” name in my last post (it’s the place with this layout. It’s a location by the same company that made the third apartment in this list, the place that made me giggle in the closet. This location just isn’t right next to the train tracks. Once again: no apartments to show, but we did look through the townhouse again. We mentioned the issue with the lack of a pantry, and the tour agent said that they could convert the coat closet at no charge. Apparently a lot of people don’t like the lack of pantry. And anyway, we were more interested in the apartment, which does have a pantry.

James and I conferred in my car. I mentioned that I didn’t like the location — all woods, no visible shopping as far as I could see. James told me that after the next hill there was Beaver Creek Crossroads, the largest open shopping area in the area. James seemed neutral on the whole place. He didn’t like the idea of getting an apartment without ever seeing it in person.

Since it was only 10:00 now, we checked out another apartment. We chose Bell Preston Reserve (this layout). It was about fifteen minutes away, right in the smack of Cary. In the center of new Cary. I’ve told Lacey about how much Cary scares me. It’s been expanding so fast, annexing land left and right regardless of ownership, turning itself into the ultimate bedroom community. You can’t walk anywhere. Half the time they don’t have sidewalks, and most of the time you’re about 20 minutes from the shopping center anyway. They have literally written “charming” and “attractive” into the community guidelines. They want to look like a small, cute town, but with wide, car-filled streets and monotonous architecture?

You turn right to get into the community, and the leasing office takes up your entire view, a grand brick building with pillars, brick stairs and an iron ramp. It’s all so grand. I felt overwhelmed immediately.

The office was gigantic. They have a basketball court, gym, Starbucks vending machine, gaming room, and multiple flat-screen TVs just, like, everywhere. The pool was smaller than I expected, but it was decorated with small Italian-Villa-style architectural details. There was a covered picnic table and a gas grill. I felt awkward and poor just standing entering the building.

The assistant manager showed us around. He seemed bored. At Crossroads Townhomes, I had had no problem chatting with the leasing agent. We had giggled together a few times. I couldn’t come up with any questions with this dude. He asked us several times if we had any more questions, but his whole mannerism disinvited any further questioning.

They didn’t have an apartment with the layout we wanted available to show, but the model mostly the same, except without the master bedroom. James was impressed with the size of the living area. We hate the living area of our current apartment, so having a good sized living room is important to us this time. I have to admit that the living room was what we were looking for. The kitchen was a little small, and James didn’t like the folding doors to all the closets. It was what we were looking for; I just didn’t feel comfortable.

By the time we left, it was 10:40 and James had to go to work. He gave me the address of another place he was considering: Waterford Forest.

James had shown me the layout. I had expressed concern about the placement of the living room, but he was confident we could make it work. The community was outside of newer Cary, and I had to go through a small shopping center to get to it. The apartments were all brown-gray siding. I thought, oh this is cute without being overwhelming.

The staff was all very nice, in contrast to the previous place. They had a nice big gym and a racketball court, wood/coal grilling stations, and lots of doggy pick-up stations. She emphasized how pet-friendly they were. I hadn’t even asked at Bell Preston, but I knew that Crossroads had size and breed restrictions. I didn’t ask any questions because I’m more impatient to get a dog than James is, but I had mentioned it and so she brought it up a couple times. They don’t have size and breed restrictions. They have Cat Treat Wednesdays and Dog Treat Saturdays (or the other way around?).

The actual apartment seemed nice. It had a big kitchen and the biggest pantry I had seen yet. Both bedrooms seemed big enough to hold a king-size bed. The actual living area? Small. Big enough to hold our furniture, likely, but the smallest living area I had seen yet, probably about the same size as our current place. The placement is better, but still. Small. The apartment was big and bright and it looked good, but the living area was small.

And that was the first three apartments. We still have two or three others to check out, as well as returning to Harrison Grande, James’ favorite potential place to live.

Which will we choose? Well, we won’t decide for another month or two probably. Stay tuned away?

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