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It’s the 1950s. Two COOL GIRLS are listening to some rock and roll. A third girl approaches.

Third Girl: What are you listening to? I’ve never heard of this sound before! It’s really h–ot
First Girl (interrupting): You weren’t going to say hot, were you?
Second Girl: That’s what our mothers say.
First Girl: Only old flapper girls trying to relive their childhoods say hot.
Second Girl: Only squares say hot.
Third Girl: No, I was going to say that it’s really…h…

She looks around in a panic, and sees them leaning on one leg, with their hands on their hips

Third Girl: …hip. It’s really hip.
Second Girl: What’s hip?
Third Girl: It’s better than chill. It’s better than cool. It’s not a temperature at all. It’s hip.

She shakes her booty. The Cool Girls gasp

First Girl: That’s so…
Second Girl: Hip.
First Girl: I know.

They all start dancing

Second Girl: Golly, it’s sure swell to rebel!

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