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Today I was working the window at Starbucks. As a guy was waiting for his drink, he said, “I was cleaning out my other car, and I found this old mixtape from high school. Do you want to hear?”

There was absolutely no reason why I shouldn’t, so I leaned over to listen to the first song. The first chords started playing over his stereo. It was acoustic.

Drove downtown in the rain
Nine-thirty on a Tuesday night,
Just to check out the late-night
Record shop.
Call it impulsive
Call it compulsive,
Call it insane;
But when I’m surrounded
I just can’t

It’s a matter of instinct
It’s a matter of conditioning
It’s a matter of fact.

“I know this song,” I said.

You can call me Pavlov’s
Ring a bell and I’ll salivate,
How’d you like that?
Dr. Landy tell me
You’re not just a pedagogue

“It’s Barenaked Ladies, I can tell that much,” said the guy.

“My favorite band,” I said.

We finally got to the refrain.

‘Cause right now I’m

Lying in bed
Just like Brian Wilson did
Well I am
Lying in bed
Just like Brian Wilson did.

So I’m lying here
Just staring at the ceiling tiles,
And I’m thinking about
Oh what to think about.

Brian Wilson. A great song. The guy’s drink appeared; I handed it off and we waved each other goodbye.

As I drove home tonight, I turned on NPR and listened to an interview with Brian Poulad, the director of a biopic for Brian Wilson, entitled Love and Mercy. It was vaguely interesting. I’m kind of considering getting back into watching movies. Anyway, they ended the interview with this quote:

After everything we’ve gone through in the movie at that point, we see the real Brian performing, what he really looks like at that time, and that he came out of this — not unscathed, but he came out of it. And he’s the last one standing, it turns out; unfortunately, both of his brothers died, and he’s still there. The most fragile one, for some reason, has survived all this and is still out there performing.


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