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When last we saw of our brave heroes, they had been rescued from an incoming Tyrannosaurus Rex by an old salt, Old Yob. That T-Rex was interrupted by King Kong; they rolled out of sight. Old Yob offered to take us to see his “friends” and we agreed.

Thus ends our recap.

Old Yob took us to his “friends”, a group of about 50 elf-like creatures with seafoam-colored skin called the Sylvani. He introduced us to Ellara, the Shaman/Queen, wearing a cape of feathers and a golden crown. Old Yob explains that the crown came from Yob’s old ship, and that in order to stay safely with them, you have to give them presents. Some lizardfolk stole it from Yob’s old ship, so he and a friend of his stole it back.

Old Yob asked us if we could use Sending Stones. The Professor said that he supported himself through college by being a Sending Stone magewright (that guy is so helpful). Old Yob explained that he used his navigational tools to figure out where this uncharted island is, but he can’t use the Sending Stone, which is still sitting in the Captain’s Cabin on his old ship. If we could go retrieve the Sending Stone, the Professor could use it, and then we could call for help.

Sounds like a quest to us!

“Can you come with us, guide our way?” we asked.

“Oh, no, no,” said Old Yob. “Me back, and the memories, and me back is so bad. So bad.”

“Memories?” asked Narcis. “What happened to your friend? The one who helped you get the crown back from the lizardfolk?”

“Oh, she died a long time ago,” said Old Yob. “When we went to get the crown, we had trouble getting out again.”

There were two paths to the cove where the ship was: by the beach, where we would risk getting attacked by a T-Rex and a bunch of Pterodons, or the river, where we would sail right through hostile lizardman territory.

“I vote that we take the river,” I said. “We could just use thick wood to make armor and cover up the boat, so the arrows can’t get us.”

Everyone agreed that that was a wonderful idea, so Old Yob helped us get a canoe from the Lizardmen.

“They’re not like us,” said Old Yob. “They don’t give anything without getting anything shiny.”

“I throw ten coins over his head,” said Vibe.

“Oh! Me back! Oh, I have to pick that off the ground.”

“I help Old Yob pick up the ten coins,” I said. “And I pretend that five of them came from my pocket.”

“That’s very generous.”

We got broken trees from leftover T-Rex rampage, and made a hutch over the ship to protect us from incoming arrows. In the dark of night, we slipped through the water so they wouldn’t hear us.

“Do we encounter anything?” we asked the DM.

“No,” said the DM. “You took away the encounter I had planned.”

So we arrived at the cove.

“It looks like this, but obviously your boat’s different, and you see the front of the boat, not the back.”

We rolled Perception checks. There was nothing to see except for the ship, and the ghost of a young man floating above the water by the boat. We trudged up to him.

“Avenge me! Avenge me!”

“Avenge you?” asked Narcis. “What happened to you?”

“My name is Danny. I was a cabin’s boy on the pirate ship King’s Terror. There was a mutiny. I would have complied, but they slit my throat before I ever got a chance! Avenge me!”

“Who did it?” asked Narcis.

“Old Yob! Aveeenge me!”

We glanced around. All of us had suspected as much. Rollin called a group huddle. We agreed that we wouldn’t tell the Danny ghost that we knew Old Yob, and we wouldn’t agree to do anything.

“Avenge me!”

“Bye, we’re going up to the ship now.”

“Avenge me!”

We figured that we could tie a rock to a rope and toss it up to the top of the ship. I realized that I only have 9 strength and probably couldn’t make the climb, so we figured that Vibe carried me up somehow.

We were immediately greeted by seven skeletons. I figured that all that I had were four various slashing instruments, not the most helpful in combat with a bunch of skeletons. So I decided to book it to the Captain’s Cabin to complete the quest while all my companions handled the skeletons. Should be easy, right? Four adventurers against a bunch of skeletons, with one magic user, a direwolf, and a werebear? They could handle it, right?

I entered the Captain’s Cabin and was greeted by a “Captain-shaped spectre wearing a Captain’s hat and otherwise shaped like a Captain.” He pointed his finger at me and said, “Mutiny!”

“Oh, I didn’t have anything to do with that,” I said. “I don’t know anything about that, really. I wouldn’t mutiny.”


I decided to sneak around the room, sticking close to the walls, so avoid touching the spectre. He moved, though, and touched my forehead. It turned purple and I felt weak and woozy; I stumbled out of the room and to the other side of the ship. I looked at how the fight was going.

Vibe, Rollin, and Narcis were laying unconscious and bleeding on the ground. There were two skeletons still standing, looking very much healthy (for skeletons). Morthos was changing constantly from tiefling to direwolf just to keep his hitpoints up. I considered going and attacking, but I was feeling very, very weak. The spectre had stolen ten hit points from me, permanently. I would likely die if I got into combat. I stayed where I was, readied my weapons, and hoped for the best.

Over at the Captain’s Cabin, the spectre tried to follow me out the door. It hit an invisible wall. “Mutiny! (bonk) Mutiny! (bonk) Mutiny!”

One of the skeletons turned and ran to attack me. I knocked some of his ribs out of place. Then I attacked with both my swords, and severed his spine. Direwolf!Morthos snapped the spine of the last skeleton. At long last, combat was over. The skeletons had devastated us.

We spent the day healing our wounds to the ever-present chorus of “Mutiny! Mutiny!” I took a nap and, when I woke up, had all my hit points back. Narcis, Vibe, and Rollin each made a full recovery from nearing dying of horrible wounds.

“Alright, how do we get the Stone without bumping into that guy?” asked Narcis.

“Don’t you have Mage Hand?” I asked.

So we used Mage Hand to get the Stone.

We returned to the village in our covered canoe by cover of night, once again avoiding combat with the lizardmen. Old Yob was waiting for us when we returned.

“How did it go?” he asked.

“We met an old captain who kept saying mutiny, mutiny!” said Narcis. “And a kid who said that you killed him.”

I said, “But we weren’t interested in-”

Old Yob pulled out his sword and attacked Rollin. He swung, and missed by a mile. Narcis cast Sleep.

“Your witches’ tricks won’t work on me!”

“If we kill him while he’s Asleep, does he still wake up?” asked Narcis’ player, whose name I realized I don’t actually know.

“No, he’s just dead” said the DM (Jim, I know that guy’s name, it’s Jim).

Morthos turned into a direwolf and nipped him, and I managed to get two solid hits on him. “You’ll have to do better than that to take down Old Yob!”

“Eat axe!” said Vibe, who turned into a bear and attacked him with his paws, because he’s played by an eight-year-old so nothing makes sense sometimes.

Narcis tried Magic Missile on him.

“Oh,” said Old Yob. “Is it fair to attack Old Yob?”

“You don’t have to do this,” said Narcis. “We won’t kill you. You can’t win.”

“But you’ll turn me in!” said Old Yob.

“No we won’t,” said Narcis. “You helped us out. We were going to take you with us!”

“But I’m a pirate! A murderer! A scallywag! A thief!”

“We don’t care!” I said.

“You helped us,” said Narcis. “You helped the elves. You’ve redeemed yourself.”

Old Yob struggled with indecision. “I don’t care!” he burst out.

Morthos dove for the attack, tossing him into Vibe’s bear paws. Vibe started to choke him. I swung at him.

“I surrender!” said Old Yob.

“What?” I said, turned my swords away at the last second.

“Hahaha you fell for it!”

Rollin fired an arrow into his bad eye, and Narcis finished him off with a Magic Missile. Old Yob slumped in Vibe’s hands. “Old Yob,” he said, “Regrets nothing.”

“I’m going to jump up and down on his body,” said the eight-year-old.

“That would be a terrible idea,” said the DM. “The elves saw he attacked you, that would be mean to do and they could attack you next.”

“Then I’m going to eat him.”

“I’m not going to allow cannibalism in my game, although I suppose you are a bear.”

The Professor managed to use the Sending Stone to alert the Epsilon Society of our location. We considered what to do with Old Yob. Clearly Vibe couldn’t eat him.

“Let’s push him down the river in the canoe we bought,” said Narcis.

I protested. “I bought that!”

“No you didn’t, Vibe did,” said Morthos.

“Details,” I said.

Twelve days later, the Epsilon Society arrived by boat. We were taken back to the Capital City from which we came. Due to our discovery of a heretofore-unknown island, we became the toast of the town, and a magnificent party was thrown in our honor. My family said publicly that they were proud of me, leaving me conflicted as to whether or not I really wanted their approval. Vibe and Morthos felt awkward being the center of attention. Narcis was in her element, wearing a pretty dress and being flattered by everyone.

At the party, a High Elf approached her. He was wearing a military uniform, but it was a uniform she had never seen before. His name was Zariel.

“Would you like to join our Elvitch society?” he asked. “We are rebuilding the Elvish empire and think you would be a perfect fit for our society.”

“I make no decisions without the input of my friends,” said Narcis. “They may have questions I wouldn’t think to ask.”

So Zariel met all of us.

“There were Elvish empires?” I asked. “Also, your name is Zariel, and my name is Sariel!”

“That’s nice for you,” he said.

We asked a few more questions about what the society expected of us.

“Oh, this offer is just for Narcis,” said Zariel. “We don’t deal with half-breeds and demons.”

“I won’t join then. I’m not racist,” said Narcis.

“Very well,” sniffed Zariel.

“I’m hairy because I’m half-bear,” said Vibe.


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