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I received an email this morning saying that Wake County Animal Center is having a cat sale. Cats are normally $45 and $20, but for this weekend only, they’re $25 and $10. Heck, they started out cheap. I could get two cats for $20! Which is what I would want. Cats do best in pairs. And we have a cat-sized house. Two levels, lots of walking space.

I went and looked into the price of my apartment’s fees:

We welcome up to 2 pets per apartment home. The pet fee is $300 for one pet and $400 for two pets. There is a $15 per month pet rent for 1 or 2 pets. Breed restrictions apply, no weight limit.

I’ll be honest: that is incredibly reasonable. I can cover that no problem.

James doesn’t particularly like cats. He doesn’t particularly dislike cats either. He just prefers dogs.

Fuzzy pets are therapeutic. Their affection is calming; engaging them mentally with play and the like is stimulating. They’re supposed to be really good for people with emotional disorders, like depression. I’ve been thinking more and more that having an emotional support animal like that would be nice. I’ve been feeling it in my chest again for the last few days.

Even if I convinced James to let us get cats (or a dog, dogs are $95), I can’t just impulsively do it. What are the things I need?

For a cat:

Litterbox: $20
Litter: $15
Cat food: $19 + $22.50
Cat food dish: $10 (for two)
Toys: moneys
Cat tree: $90 minimum (and I tend to like the ones that are like $150)

…so we’re looking at $200+ for cat(s) + basic cat supplies, minimum, before we even get into vet fees.

For a dog:

Collar: $11
Leash: $30
Food: $50 + $74.70
Dishes: $10
Toys: moneys
Treats: $10/type of treat

…so we’re looking at $270+ for dog + basic dog supplies, minimum, before we even get into vet fees.

Cats are more affordable, but at this point I’m looking at throwing down $600+ on these cats before we even get into the fun stuff (toys) and vet stuff. And like, I want to say I’m willing to do it, but there is the wedding to think of. There is the fact that James wouldn’t really be on board with this. I’m not sure I’m willing to spend $600 like that all at once. As much as I want a fuzzy, as much as I would benefit from a fuzzy…I can’t do it.

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