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So I want to change my hair. It’s been red and long for years now, it’s time for a change.

This is my natural hair. This picture was taken in late 2014. I think I started dying it a month later.

Here’s what my hair looks like today (and that same shirt…holy crap I’m wearing exactly the same shirt in both pictures, what are the odds)

Anyway, I love this hair color and all. I got married in it.

I want to keep this hair color, and keep pretending like it’s totally my natural hair color, ssshh. But I also want to do something a little different with my hair? Something fun?

I kinda maybe want to try dying the underside of my hair. I’ve been wearing my hair in buns a lot lately, so maybe it could provide a cool twist when I have my hair. And in situations where I should look more conservative, I could just wear my hair down. This is important, as my HR director told me that Home Depot prefers “conservative” looks. I mentioned that a girl in Garden has blue hair, and she replied that she always has her hair nice and neat. So I guess my rule of thumb is “do I look like I’m rebelling against my parents?”


Except I’m scared to make the next step. I’m paralyzed by indecision.

1) Most two-tone hairstyles seem to come in two kinds: one, your right side is dyed one color and the other is dyed another color. That’s way too “edgy” for me.

2) The other, even more popular alternative, is some weird variation on “ombre” where, like, the top half of your hair is your natural color, and then all the sudden there’s all this blonde on the bottom half of your hair. The transition isn’t a jagged cut, it’s gentle, but it still looks really weird.

Like, it just looks like she hasn’t dyed her roots in a really long time. Like me! I guess I have ombre hair!


Okay anyway

I kinda like this, actually.

This, but, like, not neon green.

See, like this!

Or like this, but, you know, not neon!

I LOVE IT LOOK AT IT except not blonde and red, but, like, red and blue? Or red and purple?

I don’t really know where I was going with this.


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