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I just had to do a very grown-up thing and submit a maintenance request. The garbage disposal is making a weird noise.* This isn’t my first maintenance request submission, but it is my first request at this apartment.

My first maintenance submission was…well actually it was when my apartment with Casey flooded. That was a tragic night. Very difficult to get through. The less said the better. Anyway.

My second maintenance request was in the apartment with Beth and Jenn. The plug in my bathtub locked up on day. After every shower, I would literally have to scoop the water our with a bucket and pour it down the bathtub. I had to call in the maintenance request through the phone. I spoke directly with the maintenance guy.

Maintenance Guy: And how high of a priority is it?
Kelsey: Um, I guess it’s not a very high priority, I can just continue scooping it out with a bucket.
Maintenance Guy: Okay, if you have to scoop the water out with a bucket it’s a high priority.
Kelsey: Okay?

It was fixed the next day.

So now, at this apartment, I can submit my maintenance request online. I filled out everything, and then towards the bottom, there was the question “how high of a priority is your maintenance request?” As established above, I am pretty terrible at guessing these things. What was a high priority? What was a low priority? I can’t really use my garbage disposal for fear of making things worse, but, like, no one is going to die because of it. But what if I really needed to use my garbage disposal? Or was the appliance itself the important part of this decision — the stove or the fridge were higher priority than a garbage disposal, for instance. But if I chose “low”, maybe they would put it with the light bulbs and get around to it in a week or so. Then again, they’re pretty good about getting to maintenance requests quickly in this apartment. I’m pretty certain James put in a request for some light bulbs and two days later they were replaced.

I chose “low”, but until the disposal is fixed I’ll probably question that decision constantly.

*I found a measuring spoon in the garbage disposal. I took it out, but it’s still making a noise. My theory is that the spoon did some damage while it was in there. Or who knows, maybe there’s another spoon in there.

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