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This last week has been a series of ups and downs, going to see houses, thinking that maybe we liked them but on second thought No, No We Do Not. I got excited over one particular house on Brasstown, but James did not like the idea of doing that much work, even though that was what I liked so much about it. Putting our own stamp on the place, you know?

But we’re putting in an offer today. Right now, actually. I’m jumping between eating brunch, writing this, and reading the important legal document that I’m sure James will be quizzing me on later.


So this is the house we chose! Isn’t it lovely? The stone isn’t real. But it looks really good! The front porch is really only big enough for a potted plant and a rocking chair. But the back porch is a decent size, big enough for a porch swing and a grill and some patio furniture. I definitely plan on adding some trees to that yard. But it’s big enough for croquet, which is the most important thing of all.

I WAS going to go into detail here about the foyer and my plans for it, but there are no good pictures of that foyer on Zillow. So that will have to wait until I can take my own.

This picture is not sufficient. The house is crazy cool. I talked James into letting me switch out that laminate for a hardwood that’s more my style though. It would cost around $4000, but I could get a hardwood that match that railing. It would look a lot better overall — better flow from downstairs to upstairs, better maintenance, longer-lasting floor, and it wouldn’t be that slightly red color. I hate red floors. I hate them.

{imagine I’m Peridot and red floors are Steven}

Otherwise I’ve been imagining what I’m going to do with my study.

my study

Ever since I moved to NC I haven’t really had a space to call my own. It’s not enough to say that this is our space. If I want to do any sort of work I have to take over the kitchen table or a corner of the bedroom or part of the kitchen. It’s been frustrating and honestly I’ve complained to James a couple times that I felt more like I was living in his house, with his furniture, than like this was a shared house.

But this room? This room is mine. It’s literally sitting area right off of the master bedroom. It’s big, the size of a small bedroom, rather than just a little corner of another room. Which is where I want my office to be. I want to stay up and do word puzzles or read until I get tired, and then crawl into bed a few steps away.

I haven’t really been able to expand on my own personal style, but in the few opportunities I’ve had I’ve always had a bold reddish-purple theme. I might go with a nice blush this time though. I’ve been hanging out on Pinterest and I’ve seen some rooms with nice blush walls or furniture, complemented with silvery metal accents. Which is what I have. These gorgeous pictures frames that Donna gave me as an engagement gift, and some presents that I’ve gotten from my family over the years (also mostly picture frames).

I would love to start actually displaying my collection of pictures of people taking pictures. Otherwise I think I just want family photos and a few personal touches.

Furniture-wise, I would want a couch with a chaise lounge at one end.


I have a desk, but it’s tiny and cramped. I might give that up to have just a work table and a big shelf taking up one wall, full of my history books and other stuff. That’s actually the style right now — big, open shelves with mixed-use items. And I would want a lapdesk. So I could do word puzzles more easily.

Oh my god. The only way this room would get more trendy is if I built the shelves out of reclaimed wood.


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