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Lights down. A woman screams in pain.

Nurse: Very good, Angie, just one more push!

Woman cries in pain again. Then a baby cries.

Nurse: And there we go! Good job! It’s all done! We’re all done!

Lights up. Angie is lying on a hospital bed. Nurse is presenting wrapped-up baby to her.

Nurse: There we go. A healthy seven pounds, one ounce, and twenty inches.
Angie: Is that good?
Nurse: A little on the small side but well within a healthy range. Support the head. There we go. You’ll get the hang of it. This all happened so quick I wanted to ask. Have you thought of a name yet?
Angie: Oh, well…

A loud BANG and a witch appears.

Witch: I believe naming the child shall be MY prerogative. Fresh, innocent blood for the art! I held up my end of the bargain, now it’s time for you to deliver.
Angie: Yes, yes, I know. Have you thought of a name?
Witch: Well, I was always fond of Rosemary. Or Rapunzel.
Angie: I think Rapunzel is a bit too on the nose. I like Rosemary though.
Witch: Then it can’t be Rosemary. The child belongs to whoever names it. And the child is mine!
Angie: Well then here. I’m exhausted.

The witch cackles and then reaches for the baby. Another loud BANG, a flash of lights, and a devil appears.

Devil: At last, the child is born! In darkness at the thirteenth hour, nine months from Walpurgis Night, the Childe shall be born. A schism shall be made. The sun shall rise and the seas shall boil, and the Dark Lord of All Creation shall take his place over the Earth. All will shield their eyes from the light, but all will burn.
Witch: Excuse me, I was here first. This child is mine. I already named her.
Nurse: It’s a boy.
Witch: What! That’s no good! What could I do with a boy?
Angie: Hey, no take-backsies! You said you’d take him! I signed with the contract with my blood and everything!
Devil: The child is mine by blood and by rite.
Witch: No, I have the contract here. You see, I have her blood, and I have it in writing here.
Devil: No, rite. R-I-T-E. We had a ritual. She drank the potion and we danced before the hellfires of Abaddon before she offered up her body to bear the Childe.
Witch: You had a one-night stand. I have it written down, in blood and permanent ink-
Devil: Is it Sharpie?
Witch: No, it was a Bic pen. Just a standard ballpoint pen. That’s more than what you could say.
Angie (to Nurse): Could you just, like, put this kid in a basket or something? (Nurse takes the baby) Yeah, there we go.
Devil: You don’t even want the boy. You wanted a girl.
Witch: I have it IN WRITING-
Devil: Please. You’re trying to argue against the demons of Hell. We are the best lawyers around. Do you think you could do this? Dance with the devil at midnight-
Witch: It’s 1 AM-
Devil: This is the devil’s handiwork.
Witch: And I have a contract. What do you have, a horizontal handshake?
Devil: Do you think you can defeat the Devil himself?
Witch: With one red hand.
Devil: I’ll see you in Hell.

Another BANG and the Devil disappears.

Angie: So you’re going to take him, right?

Another BANG and the Witch disappears.

Angie: Oh goddammit.

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