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Angie is now in a wheelchair (since new moms can’t walk around in hospitals, I guess). She is carrying the baby in a handbasket on her lap. She is wheeling herself along. Joshua Josephson enters. He is wearing a suit and has a yamulke on his head.

Joshua: Angela Davis?
Angie: The one and only. Well, I’m sure there’s about 750,000 people with my name. And you are?
Joshua: Ah, this is the little one we’ve been hearing so much about.

He reaches a hand for the handbasket. The baby screams. Joshua jumps back. The baby continues to cry. Joshua waits for Angie to comfort the baby, but the baby continues crying. As the conversation continues, the baby slowly calms down.

Joshua: Aren’t you going to…?
Angie: This isn’t my kid. I signed a contract.
Joshua: Yes, adoption papers, but the biological father is contesting the case.
Angie: Y…yes. How did you know? Who are you?
Joshua: My name is Joshua Josephson.

He waits for the name to sink it.

Angie: Have we met before or…?
Joshua: I am a lawyer. The best lawyer money can’t buy.
Angie: I’ve recently come into a lot of money, so I think I can buy a lawyer. Or lease one. You can’t buy people.
Joshua: I like that. Have you named the child?
Angie: No. That witch said that if I name it I keep it. I don’t want to keep this baby. That wasn’t the arrangement.
Joshua: What would you do if you had to keep the baby? Would you give the money back?
Angie: Absolutely not. I’d just drop this kid off in an orphanage or something. It’s supposed to raise hell, might as well give it a shitty childhood. I don’t care who keeps this kid as long as I get rid of it. I did my part.
Joshua: I’m surprised you expected such twisted beings to hold up their end of the bargain.
Angie: Are you saying they planned to do this? Those bastards!
Joshua: Yes, so we should come up with a plan to-
Angie: I’m going to drop this kid off in the ER. There’s that safe haven law, I’ll leave him there and be done with it. Hey wait a minute. That witch gave me all that money in exchange for the kid and then didn’t even take the kid! That doesn’t make any sense. And don’t witches work for the devil, too? So that demon and that witch should be on the same team. What is their deal?
Joshua: Excellent questions, Ms. Davis. What is their deal, indeed. The Devil has plans for this child. Allow me to help you, and we can ensure the safety of…what is the boy’s name?
Angie: I don’t care. I’m getting rid of this kid and then I’m going to chill in the Bahamas for the rest of my eternal life. Except that there’s hurricanes and mudslides in the Bahamas. Hmm. Maybe the Phillipines? No, there’s a lot of civil unrest and they’re all doomed to go under the ocean in a few decades anyway. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll just travel for the rest of my life. Hah! That sounds amazing. It was nice to meet you, Mr. Josephson, I’ll see you never.

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