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The Rowan enters her hovel, currently dimly lit, looking sad. Perhaps sad but earthy music could play. She pushes in a baby chair and picks up her familiar, a black cat.

Unbeknownst to Rowan, her friends Willow, Rose, and Hermione are all hiding, having planned a surprise party.

Willow: LUXO!

The lights brighten. Willow, Rose, and Hermione all pop out from their hiding spots.

The Witches: Surprise!
Rowan: What is this? How dare you cross my threshold?
Rose: It’s a baby shower!
Hermione: A surprise baby shower!

They all cackle gleefully and bring her over to the party set-up.

Willow: The humans always celebrate whenever they make a new baby. It helps them be more prepared for the coming days!
Rose: So we thought we would have one for your new changeling!
Hermione: There’s cake and games and presents!
Rowan: I do like presents.

Rose thrusts a pink cupcake at Rowan.

Rowan: Did you make this?
Rose: I did.

Rowan pretends to eat a bite.

Rowan: Mmm. Delicious and tender.
Hermione: Me first! My present first! For your new changeling, I present to you…a bassinet!You know, for the child to sleep in.
Willow: You fool! The child won’t be that small forever.
Hermione: We can make it bigger! We’re witches! Anyway, the important thing is that you have to imitate the womb of the mother to calm her cries. You can rock the bassinet like so, and sing a song, and it will make the child stop crying.
Willow: You can enchant the child to stop crying.
Hermione: It won’t last forever. Charm a child with kindness, and you won’t have to curse it into staying. Lesson one of parenting.
Rose: Lesson two. The first one was when you told her how to use the bassinet.
Hermione: Details.
Rose: Anyway it’s my turn. My gift for the new changeling is…a bottle that is always the right temperature. You see a human feeds their child by giving them milk from their body.

The witches all react with disgust.

Rose: But this bottle will always be human temperature so you can feed the child whatever you like, so the child will be happy to eat, and will grow strong.
Hermione: And fat.
Willow: And tender.
Rose: She’s not going to eat the child! She’s going to raise her to become one of us! Anyway what gift did you bring for the child? I saw you arrive with nothing.
Willow: Nothing but this. (She takes a photo out of her pocket. It’s a photo of a corgi puppy) Her future familiar.

The witches all coo.

Willow: The steed is but two weeks old. In a few more weeks she’ll be ready to be weaned and taken from her mother, just as we take changelings from theirs. They will grow up together, witch and familiar, steed and rider. I had been hoping for better timing, to present the pup to you at this party, but alas.

A beat. The witches all look at Rowan expectantly.

Rose: Do you forgive her?
Rowan: There is nothing to forgive. It gives me time to prepare for the pup’s arrival.
Hermione: Where is the child?

The witches all look around, under the table or chairs, behind the cauldron, but there is no baby.

Rose: Where is the child?
Willow: You tricked us! You told us there would be a changeling to gain our – our presents!
Rose: I made cupcakes for the child!

Rowan bursts into tears. The witches all jump back and hiss.

Hermione: What is this?
Willow: They are tears.
Rose: Genuine sadness. I can feel it in my bones. She smells of grief and misery.
Rowan: The human tricked me! She took my talisman and gave the child to another!
Hermione: Humans can’t trick us. Can they?
Willow: Who did she give the child to?
Rowan: A serpent. A light-bearer. A follower of Satan. I went to claim the child and then he appeared, claiming him for his own nefarious purposes!
Rose: Claiming who him?
Rowan: The child. The child is a boy.
Hermione: A boy?

Rose and Hermione react with disgust.

Willow: Where is the child now?
Rowan: I left him with the mother. My crystal ball…

Hermione brings her the crystal ball. Rowan runs her hands over it and then holds it up to her eye.

Rowan: The boy is still with his mother.
Willow: Rowan. Rowan my friend. Listen to me carefully. We can still fight this. I have dealt with the devil before. You have the contract. But I need to know. Somewhere in your breast, a heart still rattles, trembling, pushing your life-force through your bones, holding up your brains and filling in your wicked fingertips. I need you to call out to your heart and hear what is says. Does your heart long for this boy?
Rowan (tearfully): I have no heart. I gave it to this child before I ever saw him. I want this child. I need him.
Willow: Then we shall take this fight to the depths of the earth. In four weeks the weaning shall begin. Boy and steed shall be joined. The child will be named by our kind.

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