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Limbo, which is represented by a security desk. Behind the security desk are two doors, both marked as STAIRS. One is for heaven and one is for hell, but the doors make no indication which is which. A nymph, Thanatos, sits at the desk, appearing as a security guard. There is a couch and an end table with magazines on it.

Joshua enters, carrying the handbasket with the baby inside.

Thanatos: And who do we have here? What’s your name, handsome?
Joshua: He doesn’t have a name.
Thantatos: And such distinguished company!
Joshua: Is there a place I can set him down?
Thanatos: Of course of course! Right over there!

Thanatos indicates the end table. Joshua pushes the magazines out of the way and sets down the handbasket.

Thanatos: There must be a story here.
Joshua: Oh, it would take too long.
Thanatos: What’s your hurry? We have all eternity.
Joshua: Do you have anything to feed him? I don’t think he’s eaten since he was born.

Thanatos produces a baby bottle from the desk. It could be a baby doll bottle, one of those things that “drains” when you hold it upside-down.

Thanatos: So, speak. Tell me your tale.
Joshua: Well it all began five thousand years ago with a giant tower.
Thanatos: Not your story! His tale, you pedant.
Joshua: Are you sure this is safe for a baby?
Thanatos: It’s ambrosia. I feed it to all the unbaptized infants. Now speak! Tell me this child’s story!

Joshua sticks the bottle in the baby’s mouth.

Joshua: Well, there’s a woman.
Thanatos: Of course.
Joshua: A sinner, through and through. Bought an eternal life with her womb and then sold this child to a witch for infinite money.
Thanatos: Clever.
Joshua: So now the forces of earth and hell are fighting for this little tiny baby.
Thanatos: Interesting. If I know my demons, and I do, he probably had her sign a contract in blood.

Joshua takes the contract out from his suit pocket.

Joshua: And she signed a contract with the witch.

He hands her the other contract. Thanatos takes them both and studies them.

Joshua: Of course, they conflict, since one says he belongs in Hell and the other says he belongs on Earth. Unclaimed soul.
Thanatos: Where does it say that he belongs in Hell?
Joshua: I’m not sure.
Thanatos: Only one of these contracts deals with the child.
Joshua: What?
Thanatos: Oh, the child is mentioned in the demon’s contract, but there’s nothing about custody. Just that the child is to be made. Only the witch’s contract says anything about ownership. Just by reading the contracts, I would have to say that the child belongs to the witch.

A fiddle sting. The witches and the demons burst in from either side of the stage. Rowan cackles with glee.

Xarlach: Foul! I call foul!
Willow: Oh hush, you’re only saying that because you lost.
Hermione: You lost!
Rose: Losers!
Willow: No matter what, you would complain unless it went your way.

Rowan, meanwhile, approaches the basket. She takes the baby out of the basket and clutches him to her chest. The demons begin throwing birds (specifically crows) at Joshua and Thanatos. The witches begin throwing birds back. Rowan is front and center. Music, either fiddle or violin music, begins playing a happy, loving song. Rowan pushes the blanket off of the baby’s face.

Joshua: What’s his name, Rowan? You should name him.
Rowan: His name is Johnny.

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