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So that entry that I’ve been putting off for a week because of the sheer number of pictures required to go through to see if they’re worthy of posting. LET’S DO IT. RIGHT NOW. NO MORE PROCRASTINATION. OKAY MAYBE I’M PROCRASTINATING IN ONE TASK BY DECIDING TO NO LONGER PROCRASTINATE IN ANOTHER TASK. BUT ANYWAY, IT IS TIME TO DO THIS.



Deanna and I joined, like, every single Michigan State student ever in going to Pompeii/Vesuvius/Paestum. We arrived at the school at 7:00 in the morning and off we went! We all napped on the bus, although I was able to catch one nice picture in between naps:

Instead of going straight to the hotel, as I had assumed, we headed straight for Mount Vesuvius. I had not planned on Mount Vesuvius. Vesuvius is a volcano, right, so the climb was very steep and slow.

It was a very sllllooooooow climb. Seriously.

This dude was outpacing us, a motorized vehicle.

But it was all worth it! Because once we got to the camp, it was time to climb some more!

But it was all worth it when we finally got to the summit.

That is the Amalfi Coast, as seen from Vesuvius. Also, I did all of this in sandals.

The day ended with a sunset on the Mediterranean, because life is hard.


So here’s the thing with visiting Pompeii. I had been wanting to do it ever since I was in third grade. And almost exactly 8 years ago, I did get to visit Pompeii. I thought — I thought it would be wonderful again. I took 143 pictures. But it wasn’t wonderful. I wasn’t sure what it was. I felt…down about the whole thing. I’m not really sure how to describe it. It was tiring, more bittersweet than how disappointment feels. There wasn’t anywhere in the world that I wanted to be than Pompeii. But being in Pompeii wasn’t how I expected to feel while in Pompeii. So I took pictures with my camera and I tried to listen to the tour guide, but she was just going over things that I already knew.

After the tour split up and we were allowed to wander through Pompeii on our own, I put away my camera. I just walked through random streets and buildings and just looked around. I felt it again, some of the magic. I looked, just looked, and tried to imagine what everything looked like thousands of years ago, before the volcano. I tried to see what these buildings looked like when they covered the skyline. I felt…better. More peaceful.

Me, Deanna, and Loren, in the Forum of Pompeii. Vesuvius is in the background. Loren in a grad student who joined us for the trip. She’s a cool person.

Also, I walked into the Lupinarium, or the whorehouse, which was closed for excavations last time I had been in Pompeii. The only thing I took a picture of was the toilet, because I am a classy historian.


On Sunday the tour guide stepped on my foot and cracked it so thoroughly that I bled.

I would die for you, History.

But also we visited Paestum, a Greek settlement that the Romans took over. It was a very tiny town full of very rich people. They got rich and famous from their roses, which were the best in all of Rome, apparently.

I have a lot of pictures of myself in this entry. Also I felt too lazy to take a picture of the entire olive tree.

Some other pictures from the weekend:

(to indicate the ladies’ room)

This is an ad for a European amusement park, called something like Magicland or Adventureland or something. You see these advertisements everywhere — on buses, taxis, billboards, etc. I had never really looked at them too closely until I was waiting to use the ladies’ room at the road stop. That guy is so stoked about being on a roller coaster, you guys.

This is from Thursday night. We went out to eat. The roommates were planning on going out later, so they dressed up. I prettied myself up just so I wouldn’t look out of place.

I am cool obviously.