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Always in the way/ I can never play/ My own mama would never say/ I’m always in the way   1 comment

Yes I know we watched this in animation class last semester. I don’t care. I wanted to see Cab Calloway do some kickballs.

This is Max Fleischer’s Snow White, with Betty Boop as the man character. I like Max Fleischer’s stuff. It really feels like animation, you know? You get the sense that every frame of that was drawn. I was just amazed at the stepmother’s mirror. Who comes up with that? One second she’s sticking her head through it, then suddenly it has its own sentient, corporal face of its own. Then it’s a shovel, and then she can fit her whole body through it to transform her appearance. It’s just pure brilliance. You don’t see that in mainstream animation these days. Betty Boop was mainstream! It was mainstream before mainstream was cool. Then the Hayes Code, blah blah blah…

I wasn’t really a fan of the song, though.

I want to see my stepmama, stepmama, stepmama
I want to see my stepmama–

–Her stepmama the queen!

Really? There’s no other way to establish that the evil queen is Betty Boop’s stepmother, other than straight-up telling the audience?

Also, how was Betty Boop a sex symbol? She lacks both a nose and a neck. I have been told, by informed sources, that women with necks are generally preferred.

Mmmmm, I like it when a woman’s mouth comes right out of her collarbone.

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