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Oh man oh man oh man — it’s my favorite thing to do! Register for classes!

Now fortunately Wake Tech has a guide for what order to take what classes. So I guess I’ll take ARC 111 and DES 112? I don’t know what those are. Introductory courses for architecture and creative design, I think. So that’s set, I guess.

So here are my options:

A) ARC 111: Introduction to Architecture Technology
Classroom MW 9:30-9:55AM
Lab MWF 10:00-11:50AM

B) ARC 111: Introduction to Architecture Technology
Classroom MW 1:00-1:25PM
Lab MW 1:30-3:20, F 1:00-3:10

C) ARC 111: Introduction to Architecture Technology
Classroom MW 3:30-3:55PM
Lab MW 4:00-5:50, F 3:30-5:30

D) ARC 111: Introduction to Architecture Technology
Classroom TR 6:00-6:25PM
Lab TR 6:30-9:20PM

DES 112: Building/Construction Systems
Classroom F 8:25-9:55AM

Now obviously I’m taking the one Design course being offered. And the good news is, it’s a hybrid course! I’m trying to keep my availability as open as possible for work, so this is good. Just some Friday mornings I can’t work, I’ll just ask off ahead of time as a partial day off. Or switch with the closer. Or something. And honestly the last ARC option, which meets at night two days a week, instead of during the day three days a week, seems like the best option for me. Home Depot seems to like having me open. And 9:20 isn’t too late of a night! Some night classes at Mason, I wouldn’t leave until 11:00!

So that’s it then. I just have to submit my schedule. And then, starting in mid August, Tuesday and Thursday nights, and some Friday mornings, I’ll be a student again.

I’m so excited!


So it turns out that you can’t take DES 112 without taking ARC 111 and ARC 114! Which have to be taken at the same time! Aheheheh.


A) ARC 114: Architectural CAD
Classroom MWF 10:00-10:17AM
Lab MWF 10:18-11:10AM
LabA MWF 11:15-12:05

B) ARC 114: Architectural CAD
Classroom MWF 1:00-1:17PM
Lab 1:18-2:10PM
LabA 2:15-3:05PM

C) ARC 114: Architectural CAD
Classrom TR 1:00-1:25PM
Lab TR 1:30-2:55PM
LabA TR 3:00-4:25

D) ARC 114: Architectural CAD
Classroom MW 6:00-6:25PM
Lab MW 6:30-7:55
LabA MW 8:00-9:25

I’m not entirely sure what’s up with the two labs. They don’t charge extra for Lab A. It just is. You sign up for one and immediately get registered in the other, at least according to the instructions.

So how do I minimize the impact on my availability? Here are the typical shifts on any given day at Home Depot Special Services:

Opener: 6am-3pm
Mid: 9am-6pm
Close: 1pm-10pm

Now I currently work a lot of opening shifts, for whatever reason. Maybe my coffee habit makes me the right amount of perky first thing in the morning. Maybe I do a good job getting the department ready. Maybe management appreciates me blasting electronic dance music at 6:15 in the morning. Maybe Kristy copies and pastes the schedule whenever possible. Who knows. For whatever reason, I open a lot.

So, like, do I make myself available as much as possible for opening shifts? Plan around that? Take ARC 111 D and ARC 114 D, and just plan on taking four nights of night classes every week? Or do I plan on taking Tuesdays and Thursdays off every week, and only Tuesdays and Thursdays off every week, and do two full days of classes? Come what may the other five days?

Maybe I should consult management.

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