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Harris Teeter doesn’t have a whole lot of Starbucks hours to give, so I’m working less than I have been recently. Yesterday, for example, I got out of work while the sun was still up. I haven’t seen the sun a whole lot recently. It seemed like such a big thing. Once got home, I changed out of my work clothes, into some casual clothes, then put on some walking shoes and took a walk.

I spent most of the walk thinking just how amazing it was that I was able to take this walk. Then, after a while, I found myself thinking that this would be more fun with a dog. But for now, I should just be happy to walk. The peak of fall had already hit, so I was looking at a lot of bare trees. But the temperature was nice. The sun was making everything gold. Work had been thoroughly dull — they have so few hours available for Starbucks that I had spent the whole day training in Pizza. Once you get over the initial excitement of oh my gosh pizza!, the actual work of pizza is quite dull. As soon as you get one pizza out, you turn around, beat a new piece of dough into shape, spread the sauce, and sprinkle on the sauce and toppings, and then bake it and get it out. Repeat ad finitum. But my whole head felt clearer after just a 30-minute walk.

This morning, I was able to sleep in until 9:00. Actually, I didn’t even sleep that late. I spent the last hour just lying in bed thinking how nice it was that I didn’t have to get up if I didn’t want to. I’m closing the pizza bar tonight, so I don’t have to do anything until 2:00. Technically, James asked me to finish cleaning the kitchen, since he would only have a little time to attend to it before he had to leave for work. I had said I would. But that wasn’t, like, pressing.

I ate breakfast and read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for an hour and a half, before admitting to myself that it was now 11:30 and I really should get ready for the day. Once I did all that, I went and got all my schedules figured out and entered into my calendar and synched up to my phone.

I have Friday 5 off. I somehow got a random day off. James and I will be Christmas shopping that day. I was finally able to sign up for the ACT workkeys test that I need to finish applying to Wake County Schools. It’s, uh, tomorrow. My tests are tomorrow. Huh.

If all goes according to plan, I should be leaving for DC on the night of Thursday 11, and then I’ll leave either Sunday night or Monday, depending on how my work schedules line up.

I’m feeling good, guys.

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Getting an MLS   2 comments

So yesterday at Petsmart, I was cutting pallets open with a manager there. She seems to like me. She caught me on Tuesday organizing dog costumes by size and was absolutely delighted. She knows I used to work at Books-a-Million and seems to think of me as a “fellow book person.”

She said, “Are you planning on getting your master’s degree?”

I said yes, but I couldn’t decide what to get it in. Classical history? Teaching? History?

“Why not library science?” she asked. It turns out that’s what she’s getting her master’s degree in. She thought I seemed like a good candidate for a Masters in Library Science. I confessed that the thought had crossed my mind as well, but I couldn’t seem to decide.

I mentioned the idea to James over lunch, and he gave a chuckle and said that he was doomed to always date librarians.

It’s honestly not a bad idea. All of the non-teaching careers that I’ve considered — archiving, government bureaucracy, working in libraries — all seem to require an MLS. Not to mention that, presumably, knowing library science would help in future historical research. No one really cares that I have a degree in history. What practical use is a history degree, after all? But an MLS, that means I know how to do databases and research and organize things, right? (I guess? Just from scanning shelves in the library science section at Fenwick Library I could tell there was more to it, but most people seem to think that’s all there is to library science)

I decided to do some research this morning. UNC’s program requires 48 credit hours and comes with a technology requirement. They also “look for strong, past academic records, judged by the applicant’s past Grade Point Average (GPA), and we examine the coursework on the student’s transcript(s) to determine personal strengths and areas of mastery. Recently accepted graduate students had an average undergraduate GPA of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale.”

Well great. I graduated with a 3.09 on a 4.0 scale. Now, that 3.5 is an average, but what that means is that I have to be amazing in other areas, like strong recommendation letters, GRE scores, and my statement of interest.

North Carolina Central also has a program; it requires 36 credit hours and mastery in a second language (modern, sign, or computer). It also has an online program. They only require a 3.0 to attend and they don’t seem to list what GRE scores they want, and they only want two letters of recommendation. Also, their website looks a lot less modern than UNC’s website. This is the program my manager is going through.

Honestly, I think that what I need to do now is go out to these various colleges, walk around their campuses, and ask questions from their admissions people and the people who run the programs I’m interested in. This can’t continue to be theoretical. Do I want to work in libraries or archives? Do I want to teach? Do I want to be a classics professor (UNC’s program is basically a training program for classics professors)? What do I want to do with my life? It can no longer be about “what opportunities am I able to get” because I need to go out and get those opportunities.