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Last night was the super moon! I thought I would be special and go see the Super Moon over the Roman monuments.


I spent most of the day at the computer, it felt like, so it was nice to stretch my legs. But I actually didn’t really enjoy going to the Forum. The moon wasn’t any larger than it was during any other full moon I had seen.

All the amateur photographers of Rome were there, and they all snapped this picture. If you weren’t there to take a picture, you were there to make out. Seriously, you were either pointing a camera at the moon or you were burying your face into someone else’s mouth. Italians, I’ve noticed, are a lot more into PDA than Americans are. They’re a lot noisier than Americans, too, making lots of slurpy noises and sucking noises.

All things considered I left the Forum feeling rather alone and small.

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