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A person I am somehow related to sent me this:

What hath the internet wrought?

At least they didn’t put a beard on Santa. Or a red nose on Rudolph. I mean, if you’re going to tie some bearded dragons to each other, at least you don’t want to completely humiliate them! Where did they even get ten dragons to make this anyway?

I’m trying to hard to be charmed by this, but I’m just creeped out by it.

I can’t even imagine what those little antler ears must feel like around their heads. At least they’re not blocking the ears. But still. Why are they all tied together by the neck? Not only could they pull on the rope and accidentally choke themselves or their fellows in degradation, but it must rub at their beards something fierce. I have no proof of this, but I bet the skin around their necks is very sensitive. Certainly when one puts a beardie in a proper harness, you have to be careful that the beard isn’t caught in the harness. That is a good way to anger a beardie.

Boyfriend sent me this:

That’s how to dress up a beardie!

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Well. It’s that time of year for costumes, isn’t it?

Yes. Yes it is.

I think that this time…I shall find the pictures myself! So bring it on! Time to find the most irritated-looking bearded dragons on the planet!

Redundancy is, I think, always a popular theme.

Let’s not ruin this with words.

And, obviously, hairy wizards are the best.

And one more costume category that I have never seen before but of which I highly approve:


Happy Halloween!

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The spooky times are upon us   1 comment

So the Hurricane is hitting the East Coast, and I can tell just by looking out the window.


The animals are reacting in their own way.


Slinky, for example, is mildly freaked out, as indicated by the fact that he’s raised his head an inch.


Sonny is suspicious of the whole thing.


Darcey’s routine hasn’t changed in the slightest.  I woke her up from her nap when I came upstairs, but she’ll probably fall right back to sleep.  In a few hours, she’ll wander downstairs, in time to be napping on the couch when Mom comes home.  Darcey’s philosophy is: does it allow me to nap?  If it doesn’t, I don’t care.

I have reacted in my normal way as well, by baking.


I recently discovered the existence of Cookies in a Cup and you guys, I will never go back.  I made the sugar cookie a few days ago; it was good, if a bit bland, but that’s what you expect from a sugar cookie.  The peanut butter cookie (the second picture) didn’t cook all the way, so darn, I had to eat a not-quite-cooked peanut butter cookie.  It was the worst, obviously.  I didn’t take the pictures of the animals while the peanut butter spoon was sticking out of my mouth, because clearly I wouldn’t do such a thing.

Anyway, it’s also close to Halloween, and so this week I Haunted Leesburg.


Amanda and I traded back and forth on playing the Widow.  Apparently Amanda was the only one who decided to stay in character for the group photos.


Except Joe, by accident.

Here is me as the Widow:


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Blog Post 9b: Lizard costumes   1 comment

At some mysterious point in time, I became known as a depository for pictures of bearded dragons dressed in costumes.  And why not?  It’s a niche market.

Is it a submarine?  Is it an airplane?  It came with the caption “I think we’re gonna need a smaller boat” so I guess it’s a shark.

“Yer a hairy wizard.”


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Okay fine   Leave a comment

Well since everyone is so interested in lizard costumes, here’s my lizard, Sonny, dressed as Charmander. All that’s missing is the flames on the tail. Also Sonny hated his costume, as you can tell by the darkness of his beard.

Hopefully in a week or two I’ll be able to add the final touches to the costumes.

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Slinky's Costume

I made a costume for my boyfriend’s lizard, Slinky. Took about twenty minutes. It’s not done, though. By the end he’ll be Bulbasaur!

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