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This is most of what I remember from my dream   1 comment

“What else could it mean?” asked Mother. “That awful place, that awful religion, they chose that husband. And the Hole told me to bow before him.”

“Maybe bowing means something different in Hole,” said the other twin, who hadn’t spoken before now. “What do you do when you bow before a hole?”

“You dig into it,” said the first twin.

“How do you dig into you husband?” asked the Convert. “You, what, you stab him?”

“You stab him,” the mother said, quieter.

The kitchen grew quiet. The candles flickered. Out there, the Island was waiting. He was waiting.

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I might include it in a story   Leave a comment

I haven’t been sleeping well the last few nights. Or more specifically, I haven’t been sleeping enough. I woke up at 5:00 AM yesterday, worked a double shift, got off work at 11:00, went to bed around 1:30, woke up at 5:00, then went to Starbucks again. Fortunately I have the afternoon and evening off. So I went home, curled up in bed with Elizabeth Rawson’s biography of Cicero, and fell asleep sometime after the trial of Verres.

I had a good three-hour nap and I had the creepiest dream. That’s right! This is a dream post! And you started reading it! hahaha

I’ll keep this brief.

So somehow, I was in this context that involved me going into 12 rooms, one at a time. Each room had some sort of deadly thing to overcome. I don’t remember most of them. The ones that I do remember, I was told that I had to lock myself in the room for a minute and I couldn’t let anyone in. Unlike all the other rooms, this one had two doors. I locked both doors and waited.

After a moment, someone started knocking on one of the doors. The little girl on the other side asked to be let in. She sounded more and more desperate, until she started shaking and rattling the door and screaming in fear. I went to open the door but then I realized I was able to peak through one of the door slats. I did, and realized there was a velociraptor on the other side.

I jumped back in fear and ran to the other side of the room and started shaking, while the door began shaking and the requests to come in got stronger and stronger. It sounded just like a little girl. Finally I couldn’t take it, so I ran out the other door.

I ran straight into one of the other rooms. There were three lights. They blinked down, and then the room began to fill with a black ooze that I realized would eventually solidify and kill me. The ooze was rising fast.

I have no idea how I got out of that one but I remember that one of my competitors turned into my friend and married Chris Evans, who turned out to be a prince. It was a wild dream.

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