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So there’s this assumption on tumblr that this guy–

–Is the son of these two–

Only one problem though. Road to El Dorado pretty clearly takes place in–

Now, Tangled is a lot less specific about its setting, but there are clues. The biggest clue is this one:

Mozart wasn’t even born until 1756, 237 years after the events of Road to El Dorado. Mozart was a child performer, yes, and began composing tunes at 5, according to his sister Nannerl; his first well-remembered compositions weren’t even produced until 1770. Normally, I wouldn’t rule out time travel for Miguel and Tulio. However, there is another small detail:

The fitz- prefix was invented in the 11th century; it just means “son of”. Bernard Fitzgerald is literally Gerald’s son, Bernard. Kind of like Sasha Ivanof is Ivan’s son Sasha, or Said ibn Muhammed ibn Asif al-Fulan is Muhammed’s son Said. By the 18th century, however, fitz- referred almost exclusively to illegitimate, bastard, or natural sons of the gentry. Eugene’s name literally means “Lord Herbert’s bastard son Eugene.”

This fits with Eugene growing up in an orphanage (abandoned) and becoming a thief whose exploits were so well-known that his wanted poster littered the walls of the kingdom even before he stole the Crown of the Lost Princess.

What did he do, exactly, that made the kingdom want him dead so badly? They were literally moments away from killing him when the Snuggly Duckling brigands and Maximus managed to break him out. It’s implied he wasn’t even there an entire day — he wasn’t even told he was going to be executed until they were just about to do it. I could go on another essay about the political system of Corona, but the point here is Eugene Fitzherbert’s parentage. Eugene goes from nearly being executed by the state to marrying the beloved Lost Princess herself — how does one pull that one off? Perhaps, say, a certain Lord Herbert suddenly decides to make a claim on his suddenly-politically-relevant bastard son.

Lord Herbert must be a powerful lord indeed, if his issue would make a politically good marriage for the only child of the King and Queen. Keep in mind that princesses tend to get married out to create better alliances for family. I would bet that the King and Queen would be interested in keeping Rapunzel at home out of pure affection, but that doesn’t mean they would marry her off to any lowly gentleman, and especially not to a well-known thief. Rapunzel’s marriage needed to still be politically convenient. How Lord Herbert (Duke of something) and Eugene would fit that bill is all speculation, but the point is this:

Eugene is not Miguel and Tulio’s son. He could, via time travel, be a temporary compatriot of Miguel and Tulio; he could be a descendent of one or both of them. But he is not their son. Eugene’s place in society is very much a natural part of the society he lives in.

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to Real World we go   3 comments

Last week I was going to make two posts. One was going to be a standard review of Wreck-It Ralph, because why not, and the other was going to be about Despicable Me and a discussion of art and entertainment trends. It was going to be a really interesting essay and at the end we all would have felt supersmart.

I’m probably still going to write that stuff, but I don’t have a time machine and if I did, I wouldn’t waste it by going back in time to last week and writing some articles for my blog. If you’re wondering what I was doing instead of writing commentary on computer animation’s disposability in the modern era, the answer was that I was actually really sick.


It was nothing life-threatening, just appendicitis, for which the only diagnostic tool and effective remedy is “take that sucker out”, so I’ve spent this last week recovering from surgery. That picture above is Mom and I. I’m just coming off of the anesthesia that kept me knocked out during surgery. I don’t remember that picture being taken. That’s just how high I am in that picture.

It’s still a week later and I’m easily tired out and grouchy, so anyway here’s some more pictures that I’m just going to post without a proper segue. Okay, maybe I’m grouchy because I promised myself I would have my philosophy paper done by now. But anyway. Pictures.

Lizards are suspicious of your intentions:


Ah, heck, lizards are sweet lil guys:


Pictures taken on the day of my surgery:


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