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“So let me get this straight,” said Eva. “You accept the concept of faster-than-light travel without affecting people’s relative ages, but you don’t get that our energies live outside of our bodies?”

“But where does it go?” Matt threw his arms into the air, pacing back and forth from one end of the study to the other end. “Where does it go, once our bodies die? Is it just everywhere? Am I walking through dead people right now?” He waved and slapped his fingers together, as if trying to grab something with them.

“No!” said Claire. “Only some people.”

“Then what,” Matt said. His pacing increased; he began walking in circles around the whole room. “If the Law of Conservation of Energy holds true, then that energy is being used somewhere. Where does it go?

“The Afterlife,” Claire scoffed.

“Where is the Afterlife?” Matt asked. Eva stepped out from the doorway and put a hand on his arm, but Matt kept walking.

“It’s…it’s somewhere else,” Claire shrugged, and looked at Andy. Andy looked back at her, arms in her lap, listening patiently. She was not going to be any help. “Most people go there, but some people stay here. That’s all.”

“No, that’s not all,” Matt said. “What is the Afterlife? Why would all that energy need to be collected? Where does the energy go?”

“He has a point,” Andy said.

Claire glared at her. “It’s another point of existence. Another dimension, maybe.”

Perhaps Claire thought that the word dimension would ease him. But Matt was not through.

“Maybe? Maybe?” Matt stood in front of the window; his whole front was dark and unreadable. “If you’re the experts, why can’t you tell me? Shouldn’t you know?”

In the doorway, Eva cried quietly.

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