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Though the truth may vary this   1 comment

During my Week Without a Phone, I received a phone call from one of the Starbucks I had applied to. I obviously missed the call, but when I got my new phone —



–I was able to get all the voicemails. I missed at least 5 calls.

So I called the Starbucks this morning. I introduced myself to the manager.

“What’s your availability?” she asked.

“I have open availability,” I said.

“Do you have any plans?”

Assuming she wanted me to come in for an interview, I said, “I’m available today, Thursday, and Friday.”

“That’s your only availability every week?”

“Well no,” I said, feeling confused, since I had just said I had open availability. “I have open availability.”

“Right, and you don’t have anything else to take up your time?”

“I’m thinking about going back to school, but I don’t know what the class schedules around here are yet.”

“Well then, why don’t you call me back when you do know when you’re going to be available.”

I thought quickly, wanting to recover the conversation. “When would you like for me to get back to you with that information?”

“I don’t know, sometime next week. Or maybe April. Do you have anything else?”

“No,” I said.

“Okay then, have a good day.”

I puzzled over my Colosseum puzzle. I reran the conversation in my head. I thought that maybe if the manager acted like that, I maybe wouldn’t want the job anyway.

Twenty minutes later, my phone rang. It was the same manager. She gave a full introduction of herself this time. She asked what I thought made me qualified for the barista position (I have literally been a barista before). She asked what I do for Harris Teeter and if I have other customer service experience. This was a question I was prepared to answer; I gave a basic rundown of my last four years of work, emphasizing the customer service experience. She asked about my availability.

Hadn’t we been through this before?

“I have open availability,” I said.

She went into an explanation of shift times for Starbucks; was I able to come in at 5:00 AM? Would I be able to work evening shifts? She asked more and more questions about this, pressing more and more on the 5:00 question. She eventually explained that she was trying to hire full-time worked for the morning shifts. I said that as long as the hours were consistent (always working morning or always working evening) that I could do it.

So I have an interview at noon on Thursday.

After the phone call ended, I wasn’t really sure what to think. I had just had two very different phone calls with the same person.

On one hand, Starbucks would probably pay me better than what I make at Harris Teeter; I would work with a team of people instead of doing it by myself; it would be work I had done before and felt comfortable with; Starbucks has a tuition-paying program so I could go back to school in January (with no limit on what courses it covers, unlike most retail tuition-assistance programs). If I worked only morning shifts, I would have time in the evenings to pursue outside activities, like theatre, gaming, school, volunteering, or a movie-watching club (there are some of those on meetup). Also: free Chai Tea Lattes.

On the other hand, this would be just another “settling” job, rather than a job I was truly interested in; the manager was potentially insane; I’m not interested in being a job-hopper. I want one job and I want to stick with it for a good long while.

With this on my mind, I drove around Raleigh for a bit, trying to find someone to donate my garbage bag of teddy bears to. My immediate thought was police and fire station, so I visited the Morrisville town hall, but neither service would take them. They only accept toys in their original wrapping. Teddy bears don’t come in wrapping, but whatever. I just ended up driving it to the Raleigh Rescue Mission on the east side of town. I thought about writing. Mostly I thought about Ghost Hunters, even though I only have 18 days left in my self-created deadline for The Adventures of Pizza Boy and Maggie.

When I got home, James was clearly dressed to go on a walk, so he and I went on a walk. I told him about the two phone calls with my potential new manager. I told him about my concerns. He didn’t have much to say beyond that I was correct to be hesitant.

I found a new path into the woods behind our apartment complex. James refused to follow me in. I managed to pick my way across the creek and turned around to shout in triumph, but he had walked away. I crossed back over the creek and found him sitting by the pond.

“I looked for you but you weren’t there,” I said. “Are you mad at me?” This is always my go-to assumption for some reason.

“No, I just didn’t feel like slipping and falling into the creek,” he said. He pointed at nearby geese and said, “I wonder how close you can get to them?”

I stayed far back because I’m scared of geese. James walked slowly, crossing closer and closer to the geese until he was maybe four feet from one of them. It honked gently at him. He honked gently back. He squatted down and stared at it. I watched the two of them eye each other. Behind them was the creek, brightly colored in the late afternoon light. I told myself I would remember this moment forever.

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I’m looking forward to looking back on these days   Leave a comment

I had an absolutely miserable day at work. As I left for the night, this song started playing over the radio. It felt very appropriate.

And I’m fine, but I’m not okay
I’m looking forward to looking back on these days

I got home and unloaded all of the things that went wrong in the day onto James — getting scolded for leaving early the night before (when I had been told explicitly to leave early?); not having cheese (again); finding that all the cheese was underneath all of the boxes, just all of them, in the freezer; telling my boss and being told that I would have to unload all of the boxes myself in order to get them; my boss following me around the kiosk telling me everything that I do wrong; telling my temporary helper that I had all the onions, but I needed peppers and tomatoes, and then she returns with onions and tomatoes; telling my temporary helper that the veggie and cheese pizzas were done and that a margherita pizza was in the oven, so all she needed to make was a pepperoni and a sausage pizza, and returning from lunch to find that she had made a veggie and a cheese pizza, so all that was left to make was a pepperoni and a sausage pizza!; my boss telling me that as a special treat for the front end staff (and only the front end staff) that had braved the cold icy weather, I was to make four free pizzas for them; a surprise inspection by the district manager; a cut on my finger; doing a job that requires two people 10.5 hours and having to do all of that in 9 hours by myself.

James had a roaring fire going in the fireplace. He had gotten hot dog sticks and set up sausages on the hot dog sticks. I changed into pajamas, and we sat by the fire and roasted our sausages. He listened and asked questions and sympathized with me. He suggested that maybe we should buy a sausage grinder. He suggested that maybe I should talk to my direct supervisor about how I felt so singled out and misused.

Tomorrow I get to ride on a train and visit my family. I get to sit in quiet for 6.5 hours and read a book. Mom is going to take me shopping. I will see shows with Lacey. I will have brunch with the whole family. Then I will take another train ride home to North Carolina.

Mandy Moore really did say it best. I’m looking forward to looking back on these days.

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I never encountered this in NoVa   1 comment

I am now the full-time pizza person at my local Harris Teeter. It is a promotion. I’m…enduring it?

A customer came up to my workstation today and ordered an entire chicken-pesto-on-wheat. I told him it would be about 10 or 15 minutes. He said that was fine and left to do some shopping. He returned while his pizza was still in the oven, so we started chatting. I asked him about his day and he rattled off all the reasons he was happy — makes good money, never sees his boss, isn’t set to any particular schedule, etc. The only downside was living an hour away from his job.

“Och, I’m sorry about that,” I said, because sometimes I’m Scottish. “I had to do that when I lived in DC. It’s not fun.”

He was fine with it, really. He had everything he would ever want, through the blessings and grace of God. God had done so well by him, with love and care and devotion.

Then he gave me a look, a squint and a head cock. “What church do you go to?”

I’ve found that people who would ask a complete stranger such a personal question are generally not to be trifled with. You don’t tell them the complete truth. You don’t lie either. You have to stay on neutral ground as much as you can.

“I haven’t found a church down here yet,” I said, which is technically true.

“Why not?”

Welp. “I was so happy with my parent’s church that I don’t think any church can live up to it,” I lied.

“What did you like about it?”

“It was a church that was really focused on giving,” I said. “There were all sorts of opportunities to give and be involved charity.”

“Are you a sports fan?” he asked.


“Aren’t the Wizards from Washington?”

“Yes,” I said, “But I’m more of a Nats fan.”

Let’s be honest, I’m more of a Presidential Race fan.

“Well so anyway, imagine if you were standing outside of the stadium, and you had all the stats. But you couldn’t get into the game, because you don’t have a ticket. They wouldn’t let you in to see the game. But the owner of the team came out and said, ‘this person is my friend,’ then they would let you in to see the game. And it’s the same way with heaven. You can have all the right deeds, but if you don’t let Jesus into your heart, then you won’t get into heaven.”

Thankfully the buzzer went off and I was able to get his pizza out of the oven and into the box and get him away from me. Because that sentiment disgusts me. It’s not even about the fact that I’m wavering between agnosticism and atheism (so, like, solidly agnostic, then).

My mother raised me to believe that Jesus came to Earth to create God’s Kingdom on Earth. A place where people did good deeds for each other, were kind to their neighbor, and by following Jesus’ teachings, creating a much better place — a heaven on Earth. My absolute favorite teaching, even in my agnosticism, is Matthew 6:1-8.

“Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them, for then you will have no reward from your Father who is in heaven.

Thus, when you give to the needy, sound no trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may be praised by others. Truly, I say to you, they have received their reward. But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.

And when you pray, you must not be like the hypocrites. For they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and at the street corners, that they may be seen by others. Truly, I say to you, they have received their reward. But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.

And when you pray, do not heap up empty phrases as the Gentiles do, for they think that they will be heard for their many words. Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him.”

In other words, you are the only person who needs to know about your good deeds. If the reward for doing a good thing for someone else is the praise of other people, then you had an ulterior motive, didn’t you? If you expect a reward for doing something nice — well — that just doesn’t seem very nice, that’s all! If you only do something good because you expect to go to heaven because of it, maybe you should reflect a bit on your motives. Is doing a good thing just to get a reward really a good thing? Should your morality really be set on an end goal?

And the idea that the only way to go to heaven is to accept Jesus into your heart, etc. etc., really disgusts me. Heaven is an exclusive club, apparently.

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Apartment Hunters, Season 2, Episode 1   1 comment

So the planned first episode of Apartment Hunters: Season 2 did not actually happen due to behind-the-scenes drama: one of the stars poisoned the other star. James is now dead. Long live House Hancher. He insists that it was indigestion due to the canned peas he heated up as a side, but the chicken quarter I gave him was totally undercooked you don’t have to spare my feelings you know.

Anyhoodle, we might check out a potential place tomorrow morning before James goes to work (I don’t work until the afternoon). On the plus side, I discovered that two of the places we’re looking at have MOVE-IN SIMULATORS. (When I saw those words I said “what’s a move-in simulator?” and James said “oh god I’ve lost you already” and it turns out HE WAS RIGHT)


I think this one is for an apartment complex called Preston? Or Biltmore? Or something really New-Englandy sounding. Maybe. Look, James made the apartment list. Whatever this place is, it has the better move-in simulator. Better fake furniture options. You could change the size and color of the furniture. It didn’t have everything, and I had to completely guess at the proportions, but it was a lot of fun.

It’s going to be really nice to have all of our furniture out for us to use.

Because James and I had a…not a fight? We didn’t really disagree on anything. We just sort of snapped at each other a few times because we were stressed out and upset. Anyway, whenever I took a screenshot and emailed it to myself from James’ computer, I made up a little letter from James.

My dearest Kelsey,

I love you so much. I think you are very very pretty and I want to kiss you and hug you all the time. I know that today you have snapped at me a couple of times and I also know that you are very sorry. I love you very much because you are so pretty.

My most sincerest regards on this letter that I totally wrote and you totally did not write,

your cute James bear

If James had actually written that I would have made coughing noises and pointed at the back of my throat. I read it aloud as I wrote it and he laughed hysterically, so. (he once actually did write me a love letter and I’m pretty certain he opened with “my dearest Kelsey” so I’m not making that up probably)


My sweetest Kelsey,

I don’t mind at all that you are pretending to be me because all the words you say are complete accurate. You are so pretty. You don’t really remind me of Elphaba because you are just so goshdarn pretty. And not evil. Not even a little. Okay a little. But I love you anyway.

Hugs and kisses,

Jamesy poo

Anyway, that was all that we did for Season 2, Episode 1 of Apartment Hunters. Hopefully in the next few weeks, as I leave one job and start up full-time at another, I will be much less stressed out and won’t snap at him anymore. Plus hopefully I’ll be getting benefits soon, which means (hopefully) that I’ll be able to get treatment for depression, which I’m sure isn’t helping matters.

Also, I treated myself to some retail therapy. It’s amazing what you can get for $24.50 at your local thrift store.

Alright, so, this is me, in an everyday outfit, what I would wear whenever.

Look at this sweater. It like molds onto my body. Like I was born in it.

Summer sweater!

I have a less-than-secret love for sweaters that have the blouse collar built in.

HOW CUTE IS THIS DRESS? Someday I’ll have the perfect body for this dress, which is rather body-hugging. It’s my Goal Dress.

And this dress too! How cute is this dress? I don’t even know when I would wear it. I bet I could combine it with my Summer Sweater and then break into the 1950s. I don’t know why I would want to do that. But I could.

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Harris Teeter doesn’t have a whole lot of Starbucks hours to give, so I’m working less than I have been recently. Yesterday, for example, I got out of work while the sun was still up. I haven’t seen the sun a whole lot recently. It seemed like such a big thing. Once got home, I changed out of my work clothes, into some casual clothes, then put on some walking shoes and took a walk.

I spent most of the walk thinking just how amazing it was that I was able to take this walk. Then, after a while, I found myself thinking that this would be more fun with a dog. But for now, I should just be happy to walk. The peak of fall had already hit, so I was looking at a lot of bare trees. But the temperature was nice. The sun was making everything gold. Work had been thoroughly dull — they have so few hours available for Starbucks that I had spent the whole day training in Pizza. Once you get over the initial excitement of oh my gosh pizza!, the actual work of pizza is quite dull. As soon as you get one pizza out, you turn around, beat a new piece of dough into shape, spread the sauce, and sprinkle on the sauce and toppings, and then bake it and get it out. Repeat ad finitum. But my whole head felt clearer after just a 30-minute walk.

This morning, I was able to sleep in until 9:00. Actually, I didn’t even sleep that late. I spent the last hour just lying in bed thinking how nice it was that I didn’t have to get up if I didn’t want to. I’m closing the pizza bar tonight, so I don’t have to do anything until 2:00. Technically, James asked me to finish cleaning the kitchen, since he would only have a little time to attend to it before he had to leave for work. I had said I would. But that wasn’t, like, pressing.

I ate breakfast and read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for an hour and a half, before admitting to myself that it was now 11:30 and I really should get ready for the day. Once I did all that, I went and got all my schedules figured out and entered into my calendar and synched up to my phone.

I have Friday 5 off. I somehow got a random day off. James and I will be Christmas shopping that day. I was finally able to sign up for the ACT workkeys test that I need to finish applying to Wake County Schools. It’s, uh, tomorrow. My tests are tomorrow. Huh.

If all goes according to plan, I should be leaving for DC on the night of Thursday 11, and then I’ll leave either Sunday night or Monday, depending on how my work schedules line up.

I’m feeling good, guys.

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On Saturday, I did some volunteer work for Wake County Animal Shelter. My plan had been to go to Southpoint Mall afterwards, eat lunch, and wander around the mall looking at different bedding options. As I was driving back towards the West side of Raleigh, I got a phone call from my boss at Harris Teeter. Apparently another Harris Teeter needed someone to close that night. So I agreed to take the shift, although I gave myself some time to grab some lunch, eat the lunch, and change clothes.

James got home around 4:30. I wasn’t home, but as I had told him I intended to go to the mall after volunteering, he didn’t worry. He sat and vegged on his computer for a while. Around 7:00, he realized that I still wasn’t home, and gave me a call. My phone rang, lonely in my car, and the call went to voicemail. He contemplated what to do next; he decided that if I hadn’t contacted him 9:00, then he would start contacting my family to see if they knew anything was up. I called him at 8:30 and explained what happened. He was extremely relieved.

We went out to dinner, to a local burger chain, where he ate a burger and I ate hot wings and a salad. We mostly discussed an exam he had to take for his managerial training program. But it felt like a date night. We were out and about, there was good conversation, we were silly with each other.

At home, we snuggled together on the couch and flipped through pictures of comforters together. We discussed our future. We discussed our visions of home. We were warm and happy. He had worried about me. But now we were just together. There was nothing easier in all the world.

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An odd conversation   1 comment

I left Harris Teeter today. I sat in my car, and then remembered that I had put my purse in my trunk. So I got out of my car and muttered to myself, “I always forget that I leave it in there.”

“You’re not talking to Martians, are you?”

There was one of the cart attendants standing nearby. He was an older gentleman, wearing a Harris Teeter shirt and a bright orange safety vest. His glasses hid the fact that his eyes were spread apart farther than is typical.

“No,” I said.

“We had one girl who swore the Martians were after her,” said the cart attendant. “She ended up throwing knives and screaming that the Martians were coming to get her. We couldn’t get her to stop.”

“Oh my goodness,” I said.

“It happened twice,” he said.

“Well I just mutter memos to myself,” I said. “Nothing to worry about.”

“Are you excited for the success sharing check? Of course, I suppose you probably won’t be taking part in it, you’re probably too new. And by the time you get to participate — March, I think — they’ll probably be discontinuing it anyway, because Kroger bought us.”

He was talking to fill air. It was 11:30 on a Tuesday morning and he probably had absolutely nothing to do. No carts to put away. No customers needing their trunks loaded. I was probably the first person he had seen in a while.

“Oh that’s a shame,” I said.

“Yeah, but it wasn’t worth much, depending on what you contribute. It was $50, before taxes. It’s a big disappointment.”

I wondered how relevant my experience with success sharing was. $50 gross was typical with Home Depot. James had said that he typically got more than $50, although I couldn’t remember the exact amount. Splitting the bill based on your position seemed both fair and unfair. The lower-earning unskilled workers probably get less than the higher-earning skilled positions. This didn’t seem like the sort of thing to bring up in a random conversation with a bored stranger, so I simply smiled and nodded to show my ignorance.

The conversation sort of petered out soon after that, and I was waved on my way. I turned on my car, gave him a wave, and drove off.

Martians after me indeed.