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So last night my Britches and Hose took me to IHOP and bowling as a going-away party for me. And I had fun — good conversations with good people, and I made three strikes — but at the end of the night I felt sad. I realized that I was supposed to feel sad. It was a going-away party because I was leaving these wonderful people. I am going to miss all these good friends.

It doesn’t feel real to me. My room is full of boxes. I’ve put all of my books into all of these boxes. I’ve put about half of my wall hangings into these boxes. But not all of them. I spent this morning staring at the boxes, until I went upstairs and played on my phone. I spent yesterday morning making up a silly story about zombies trying to eat someone. Normally I would chalk this sort of behavior up to depression, but this doesn’t feel like depression.

I’ve been planning this move for months and months, and now that it’s almost here, I’m scared of it. I’m sad to go. Afraid of change. I’m avoiding the work of packing. If I don’t pack, then I won’t move, and nothing will change. Even though I want the change, I’m scared of the change. Part of it is fear of it turning out the last time I moved out of state — came back nine months later at my lowest point in my depression — or maybe like the last time I moved in with a boyfriend — less said about that the better — and even though I know it won’t be like that, I’m still afraid. I’m not even sure what I’m afraid of. Just the abstract concept of change?

Packing is hard. Moving is hard. Next week, nothing is going to be the same.

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So I was in Florida this weekend!


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I have the best friends ever.

Updates will probably be slow for the next month. National Graphic Novel Writing Month (NaGraNoWriMo) is February, and I intend to participate. I tend to be more creative when I’m not blogging. I’m excited, though, and I’ll definitely post whatever results come of it!

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2013 resolution   1 comment

I’m never going to become internet famous if I just keep thinking about ways to TRY, rather than actually TRYING.

I think my New Years Resolution is to TRY to become internet famous. Doesn’t matter if I succeed or not — I will TRY. I will make a good youtube channel. I will actually follow through on some twitter feed. I will update my tumblr feed.

This year, I will try to gain a following.

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Who’s avoiding her schoolwork?

Is it me?

Yes! It’s me! I am! Avoiding her schoolwork.

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Last week I was going to make two posts. One was going to be a standard review of Wreck-It Ralph, because why not, and the other was going to be about Despicable Me and a discussion of art and entertainment trends. It was going to be a really interesting essay and at the end we all would have felt supersmart.

I’m probably still going to write that stuff, but I don’t have a time machine and if I did, I wouldn’t waste it by going back in time to last week and writing some articles for my blog. If you’re wondering what I was doing instead of writing commentary on computer animation’s disposability in the modern era, the answer was that I was actually really sick.


It was nothing life-threatening, just appendicitis, for which the only diagnostic tool and effective remedy is “take that sucker out”, so I’ve spent this last week recovering from surgery. That picture above is Mom and I. I’m just coming off of the anesthesia that kept me knocked out during surgery. I don’t remember that picture being taken. That’s just how high I am in that picture.

It’s still a week later and I’m easily tired out and grouchy, so anyway here’s some more pictures that I’m just going to post without a proper segue. Okay, maybe I’m grouchy because I promised myself I would have my philosophy paper done by now. But anyway. Pictures.

Lizards are suspicious of your intentions:


Ah, heck, lizards are sweet lil guys:


Pictures taken on the day of my surgery:


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