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As long as I was on youtube, I decided to see which of my videos had the most views (and by that I mean “over 100 views”)



939 views and three comments! Five if you include my comments.


114 views and two comments!

I’m not going to try to become famous on youtube until next year. This year…I should just focus on my education. And my blog. Yeah.

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Just cruising the internet. No real story here.

Beardie is part fish, apparently:

And the award for cutest face:

(you’re only going to want to watch the first 1:30 of this video, as pretty quickly after that he poops)

The winner for best soundtrack and editing:

Despite the rocking soundtrack, there was a definite lack of headbobbing there.

That’s better.

And I want to show off one of my videos as well. This one is from a while ago: