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A person I am somehow related to sent me this:

What hath the internet wrought?

At least they didn’t put a beard on Santa. Or a red nose on Rudolph. I mean, if you’re going to tie some bearded dragons to each other, at least you don’t want to completely humiliate them! Where did they even get ten dragons to make this anyway?

I’m trying to hard to be charmed by this, but I’m just creeped out by it.

I can’t even imagine what those little antler ears must feel like around their heads. At least they’re not blocking the ears. But still. Why are they all tied together by the neck? Not only could they pull on the rope and accidentally choke themselves or their fellows in degradation, but it must rub at their beards something fierce. I have no proof of this, but I bet the skin around their necks is very sensitive. Certainly when one puts a beardie in a proper harness, you have to be careful that the beard isn’t caught in the harness. That is a good way to anger a beardie.

Boyfriend sent me this:

That’s how to dress up a beardie!